Green living: Energy efficient heating and cooling solutions


In a world of speedy development and technological advancements, the need to more environmentally sustainable living solutions is becoming more and more apparent in a world. Climate change is heating up the world stage and population growth ever increases against a fearful backdrop of limited resources.

Studies by The Guardian deem that by the end of the 21st century, average city temperatures are likely to raise by 8 C[1], leading to a variety of environmental catastrophes that could land low lying locations in a lot of hot water (if you’ll pardon the pun). Island nations could prove to be completely submerged in 80 years-time, facing Atlantis style outcomes.

With this in mind, there is an impending pressure to implement green solutions to every area of living which is in fact a responsibility that we as individuals on this planet have an obligation to answer to. Gone are the days where ignorance to environmental hazards was the norm. Our information rich society makes us answerable to the effects we are having on the planet at large.

However, contrary to popular belief, we need not regress to a time of agrarian dependence or maintain a wardrobe akin to a film extra on “Planet of the Apes”. In fact, the best way you can ensure that you’re playing your part in answering the call to environmental welfare is by making small small changes to your lifestyle. Whether that be via the actions you take or the brands and businesses you support.

One such body is the Toshiba Corporation, which was formed in 1939 and boasts a long foray into lifestyle technology, making it a reputable brand the world over. With strict attention to detail and a passion for innovation, Toshiba proudly exercises capabilities that span into the medical industry to civil engineering and recently, hydro electrical power and water purification.

Most well-known of their commercial projects and faculties is the electrical department, responsible to producing high standard air-conditioners and heating solutions for residential and commercial premises. Living out their company motto of “leading innovation”, Toshiba’s unparalleled portfolio of home cooling/heating apparatuses makes them the preeminent choice for individuals seeking a means of maintaining comfort in the home that won’t cost the environment.

Some of their key products include the following, which may prove to be the perfect answer to your cooling and heating needs.

Split System Air Conditioners

The most common type of air conditioners ordered for installation and rightfully so. These external units are attached by a professional to a room of your choice based on piping capabilities and electrical connections. Here, the installation specialist will mount a metal plate on your wall which supports the main unit while a pipe will feed to a secondary unit that sits outside.

This is great for homes where an air condition was never installed in the house’s foundations (i.e. an older house). It also adds value to your home upon sale.

In order to ensure that this is a viable solution for you and indeed benefits the environment, be sure to check the ratings allotted to each product by its distributor. Investing in a piece with a higher rating may save you both money on energy bills and on greenhouse gases.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Not keen on an air conditioner or heater that’s visible to the eye? The ducted option is the solution for discrete and bespoke air conditioning. This is the more popular option used in larger commercial facilities such as office buildings, apartments or factories.

Specialists install a main unit with large round pipes that distribute air to particular vents located through the premises allowing for cooling and heating from a main switch.

While this solution is cost effective, it does require that you build in the ducted heater during the construction process, as well as only allows for one unified temperature to the location in most cases. Unlike split units that allow for different temperatures for different rooms.

Once again, familiarizing yourself with the environmental rating of the product is a must while an additional bonus is ensuring that your electricity provider is aligned with your sustainability convictions.

Note: Refrigerated cooling is an additional option that can be attached to a ducted system, allowing for cooling if your system only offers heating. This will most likely be needed in locations where dated heating resides and is sure to be an office favorite when summer rolls by.

Proper Installation

While choosing the right unit to suit your needs is crucial, most important of all is confirming that you employ a certified specialist to install your air-conditioning and heating items. Investing in a professional will not only ensure that the item will be installed in the right location, but will be able to foresee any potential damage or leaks that may arise in your particular circumstances.

Some issues that a professional will be able to preempt is cracks and leakage of Co2’s (the key ingredient responsible for the current state of the ozone layer) from cooling devices into the environment. This could also be potentially dangerous and lead to a house fire. Avoid unnecessary dangers by hiring a proper specialist.


The second crucial step is to ensure that you maintain your air conditioning units through regular inspections to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Both split unit and ducted systems are recommended to be checked yearly, particularly if you notice any dust/mould build up, walls becoming heated or signs of discoloration around the unit and its constituents. Identifying an issue sooner rather than later will ensure that you save money in the long run and keep your investment installation in good shape.

With all of these options in mind, ensuring that your location is comfortable and circulating air freely is a matter of personal discretion based on educated findings and results that speak for themselves.

Whether your ambitions are commercial or purely domestic, Toshiba’s full range of cooling and heating units gives you the freedom to choose a unit that suits your lifestyle and needs while still ensuring the integrity of the environment. Purchasing a Toshiba item also funds their other environmental endeavors such as developing groundbreaking products that are eco- friendly and also add value to daily life.

Be sure to view Toshiba’s full range of products via the following link in order to start your foray into conscious green living.


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