Can Open Mesh Flooring Be Used in Winter?


Open mesh flooring is a common sight in industrial applications and other installations which must demonstrate utility in all aspects and stand up to the elements as effectively as possible – walkways, marine installations and foundries, among others.

Made from expanded metal, open mesh flooring takes the form of a mesh or grid in steel or stainless steel, providing a range of advantages in its materials and design. But how do these advantages stand up against the winter? With harsher conditions tending towards more violent weather, more rain and ice, and sub-zero temperatures as the norm, how can open mesh flooring measure up?

Built for Extreme Conditions

Open mesh flooring is made to deal with harsh conditions. Made for outdoor use and industrial applications, the mesh construction allows wind and water to pass harmlessly through the structure instead of buffeting it or pooling upon it. The galvanised steel or stainless steel construction strongly resists corrosion and will not rust in the rain – and with impressive physical strength and durability, you can be sure that your workforce will be safe!

As water can simply drip through, winter ice has a hard time forming on the structure in any kind of damaging quantity. If water cannot collect on the mesh, then freeze-thaw weathering is nowhere near as dangerous a possibility, reducing the damage done by the cold months and maintaining the strength of your walkway, season by season.

The gaps in the mesh don’t just prevent ice damage, however – they also protect your staff from some of the negative impact of freezing weather. With only small amounts of ice able to form, and with the option of serrated gratings which greatly increase traction, the likelihood of a slip on the ice is dramatically reduced. Severe winter rain will simply fall through the mesh, and with water unable to pool, the likelihood of a slip due to wet surfaces decreases as well.

Walkway mesh grating has other adaptations against challenging winter weather, too. The gaps in the walkway mesh allow even the fiercest winds to pass straight through, making sure that your mesh isn’t pulled around and worn down by high winds and winter storms.

The railings and guard rails available alongside your walkway mesh grating from Guardrail Group further boost the functionality and safety of your open mesh flooring, with available kick-plates and mesh guards to strengthen the security and capability of your walkways.

With winter conditions seemingly worsening, year on year, these advantages can help your walkways to remain safe, secure and fully operational in all weathers, and keep your workforce safe, rain or shine.

For more information on open mesh flooring, to request a quote, or to see how your business could benefit from a mesh walkway,you can get in contact with Guardrail Engineering on 01902871208 or visit their website, linked in this blog post. The experts at Guardrail Engineering will be happy to help you find a mesh walkway solution that perfectly suits your needs!

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