What Makes a Great Hosting Provider?


It might take good time for you to find the right hosting provider considering the fact that the market is jam packed with a large number of such companies.

So, you have made up your mind to get your company website up and running. You know what needs to be done starting from the content to the designs. Now what? What about that big obstacle that is keeping you from moving ahead on your path?  Yes, you guessed it right, how will you get hold of the right web hosting company? This is probably a big question because there are many service providers operating in this field. This can make it very challenging for you to find that one great provider that would be able to live up to your expectations.

Qualities that Make Hosting Providers Great

Speaking of web hosting, there are some qualities that actually make the hosting providers what they are. Of course, the providers will differ based on the hosting requirements of their clients but there are some qualities that tend to be there in almost every provider. If you find any provider missing out on these qualities, better cut connections.


There can be absolutely no doubt in the importance of the speed at which a web page appears on a browser. Experts are of the view that people do not like to visit sites that take time to load. Conversely, people try revisiting those sites that load up very fast. Great speed is especially important for all those online sources that are into selling services and products.

Good speed is always welcomed and web hosting companies are well aware of this fact. This is the reason why the companies always put in the best efforts in increasing the speed of sites they are hosting. So, prior to hiring the services of a web hosting company, it is important for you to know about the speed guarantee it offers for the sites hosted on its server.


There is nothing more important than cyber security in these present times. If your site is not able to guarantee security, the customers might not be interested in making business with your company. Bring yourself in the customer’s shoes and think whether you would want to deal with such shady sites. No user will want their personal information to get leaked or remain susceptible to security breaches. So, it makes sense to have the guarantee from a hosting company that it has the ability of providing you with all the security features required for the protection of your site. Take for instance, your hosting provider should provide malware scans as malware can conveniently knock a site offline.

Server Hosting Options

Your hosting company should offer you with options like Windows Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Some frequently asked questions about Windows Web Hosting are as follows:

What are the uses of web servers?

Web servers are used for business collaborations with shared documents and programs and for running emails and websites.

Which parts of a website are hosted on a server?

All the different parts of a site like media files, content management system and even contact forms are hosted on web servers.

Which parts of an online store are hosted on web servers?

eComemrce elements such as shopping cart, payment system and catalogs are hosted on web servers.

What are the different varieties of web servers?

There are multiple web hosting plans are available such as Windows Web Hosting, Linux Web Hosting, dedicated servers, VPS Hosting and shared servers with their own set of advantages and disadvantages for the users.

What are dedicated servers?

These servers are quite popular among big companies with compliance issues like eCommerce merchants and healthcare organizations.

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