Ways to avoid online Sexual harassment in Hollywood


Hollywood is the habitat to the biggest film and entertainment industry in the world. Located in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, this home of millions of artists around the globe is a great source of income for them. The Hollywood film industry is a very open and vast industry in terms of dignity and shame. Next only to the porn industry, this film industry makes its workers put on any role for the reason that it offers them fame and money. The actors can go to any length just to achieve the name in this industry. However, this is not the case for the people working behind the camera.

How the actors or actresses are harassed in Hollywood?

It is considered that the actresses, even actors nowadays are offered to sleep with the directors or producers if they want to get part in the movie, specifically the main role. The models and low-class actresses are also given such offers and are even threatened through texts or emails by the upper hand or senior members of the industry. All of the mentioned issues are a part of harassment. Online sexual harassment is also very common in Hollywood. The models and actors are threatened to have their pictures edited and leaked. It is also heard they constantly receive sexually explicit content on their social network accounts by their bosses or whoever they work for. The small, low class artists prevent themselves from speaking against the bosses because these bosses are the main gate to their income.

Moves to avoid Hollywood sexual harassment

It is however increasing to an extent of unavoidable discomfort. The vulgar jokes and sexual remarks are just too much for some artists to handle. Henceforth, such artists look up to legal support even if it is at the cost of their income. To stop an online sexual harassment, an artist should make the first move of completely ignoring the boss on their sexually explicit comments. Any response that is greeted as an approval of sexual harassment by the boss should not be made by the worker. It should be taken care of that the worker’s answers and replies are very carefully given. If the boss doesn’t stop there and starts to increase the harassment by threats, then that is the red flag. It is better to legally report such a person even if that means sacrificing your income. There is no point in becoming a famous and rich person, earning a great name in the industry if you know deep inside that you earned this by giving up your dignity, body and self-respect.

Speak up against violence

The sexual harassers can even be predators to people with a big name in the industry. For these people there is an immense advantage. With the power and money, they own, these stars can easily tell the world about such sexual predators and can file lawsuit against them. This will help and encourage other low-class models and actors to come forward and speak up about their experiences and that too without feeling scared.

Install active spy apps to avoid online harassment

Being in the Hollywood film industry is a hard job. In the online workplaces, it is also the duty of the employer to keep an eye on its employees. Employers can easily do this by installing the spy app in company-maintained gadgets and computers that allow the employer to go through all the activities that the employee does on that gadget. This will prevent the employee to take any unacceptable and illegal act towards other employees or in general.

Final thoughts

The new generation that is coming forth in this industry has been seen to change the usual ways of harassment. It is seen that the youth speaks up for themselves and voice against such ugly and disgraceful harassment cases. This is a positive turn that not only the Hollywood industry but people around the globe have taken. Becoming clear and loud about online sexual harassments, scares the sexual predators.

It makes them realize the fact that they no can no more stay hidden if they continue to take such cheap steps. They are afraid of the fact that if they keep trying to take advantage of any workers in the industry, they can easily get accused and be held responsible, not only in front of the court but also the world. It frightens them that this could lead to the end of their career and to their name and dignity will hit the ground. Therefore, best way to stop sexual harassment or online sexual harassment is to speak up against the predator.


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