Change the Way Of Interaction- Benefits of Using Instant Messaging in Workplace


How many of you like chatting guys? Thumbs Up! Yes, chatting was nearly an instant hit with teenagers. Nowadays, investors and many of the big tech companies are treating their own way in the instant message software for workplace as the next big thing. For instance, Microsoft launches a new chat app called “Teams” that will eventually replace Skype for business. Next, an Atlassian company hits out “HipChat” and meanwhile an Indian billionaire “Bhavin Turakhia” founded a proprietary messaging and collaboration tool called “Flock”. Likewise, many more tech firms are weird to pour so much money into this old-hat tech. But, why???

Accordingly, the real point of the IM is to build a platform for the next generation of business software. To rely the effective communication among the co-workers, many of them are trying to create modern workplace to strengthen the business collaboration. And, this is what the instant messaging does the magic here. Simply, the IM portrays less intrusive than the use of smartphones, more collaborative than email and has added advantage due to the ability to detect presence.

Overall, IM boosts your business performance by making your process faster, efficient, agile with little prone to cost. Even though, it is been costlier, many of the tech firms should implement the IM which are more efficient and less prone to straying off topic.

Here’s a look at the IM’s benefits along with an at-a-glance view of IM services that small businesses should consider. Shall we move on?

Builds Team Communication

Think about how many workflows in your day-to-day are centered on human interaction? Countless, right? Instant messaging improves communication in the workplace anywhere at any time. Through office instant messaging, workers can keep in touch with one another in case problems arise that requires assistance. Not only for employees, managers can also work remotely and engaged in active communication with the team members.

Save time and effort

Within a fraction of second, you can hit the “send” and later your messages can pop-up on the recipients screen. IM cuts out the lags of e-mail response time; avoids unnecessary “chit chat” of a phone call; lets you avoid the tiresome game of voicemail tag. In short, IM is a superb way to quickly communicate with a colleague, partner or supplier.

Break Down Barriers

In today’s corporate world, it is usual for tech firms to recruit both onshore and offshore employees. But, how do you make them engage in all time even when they sail in the outstation? Instant message break this barriers enable you to chat instantly with customers and colleagues in busy airports or other places where a phone conversation makes them awkward.

Improve Customer Service

IM in general has the unique feature called “presence awareness” which help you serve your customers more efficiently. It lets you find the right person at the right time to handle any trickiest situation in the workplace. By using IM, you can also see what your correspondents’ current status is, as well as let others know yours. By giving this so, you can easily improve your customer service, the better.

For Example, a customer calls you and raises an important question; you can’t able to predict the answer. What will you do? You are in the position to server your customer need. At this time, you can check whose among your department are in active state and you can send an instant message to an appropriate person who’s logged on to relay your customer’s question. Within a second, he/she might response you and without wasting time to track down someone for an answer, you can easily serve your customers needy things right away.

Summing Up

To summing this up, I am damn sure IM will pour lots of water to increase your business productivity and revenues thirst. But, still many of them are relying on the email as the platform for internal communication without realizing the intrusive for the current world. IM’s unique features can help participants save time, effort, and structure your meeting in a way that is productive and efficient. The strategies we’ve detailed are a good starting point, but to fully utilize virtual collaboration tools you need to assess what works for your team and business and adapt as needed!

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