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WordPress is the most commonly used website developing platform nowadays. Anyone who knows a little about website development is familiar with WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which allows easily managing and creating website, without having any coding skills. More than 30% of all the websites on internet are created on WordPress. The discussion about WordPress cannot be completed without mentioning the WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins are the small components of coding that are added to WordPress website to enhance its functionality and add new features to the website. Plugins make the websites interface user friendly. Most of the plugins on the WordPress blog are free to use and you can simply install them by just clicking the install button. The code will be added to your website’s coding and you can start using it within a second. WordPress plugins can perform different tasks including customizing website admin tools (comment section, anti-spam feature, Meta tags, SEO etc.), styles (design of website, calendars, share buttons, archives, etc.), graphics, sounds and much more.

Now that you have learned about the plugins, there are thousands of WordPress plugins available on WordPress platform. Some are free to use while some charge a one-time amount to use them. Under Construction Page plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create an under construction page for your website. When your website server is down or you are doing the regular maintenance, you do not want people to find them landing on that ERROR page. Under Construction Page allows you to choose an under construction page of your own choice. The features of this plugin include:

  • Turn On/Off under construction page with a single click
  • Automatically set the Time and Date to disable the under construction mode
  • Allows you to Edit the Title and description of under construction page
  • You can change the Main Headline of the page
  • You can change the image and text that is displayed on the Page
  • You can Whitelist the users who would still be allowed to see the website while others can see under construction page
  • You can add social media buttons of different social media sites (Facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) to keep the visitors updated by following you.

You can easily download this plugin on WordPress websites and make your website and blog even more users friendly. Now you do not have to even touch the code of website and create a great under construction page. You can visit for detailed info.

Under Construction Page WordPress Plugin Features

  • Beginner-friendly, simple & fast
  • new designs 2 times a month
  • 130k+ active users, with 10k/month growth
  • support for most caching plugins so there’s no need to manually purge
  • over 1000 five-star reviews
  • email support
  • optimized for SEO
  • various social media icons available
  • Google analytics support

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