Basics Of A Cloud Hosted Business Phone System


Cloud systems that provide the software and hardware for communications have become very popular in recent years. A cloud-based phone system can provide you with a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) communication system AND the software to offer you a virtual phone system. Learn more about how cloud-hosted business phone systems work and might help your business.

How Cloud Hosted Business Phone Systems Work

What is a cloud-hosted business phone system? What this means is that you get an application and storage space in the cloud. Typically, your business will pay a monthly fee for everything that you need to run your business phones.

You don’t store anything onsite, and this is an advantage because you don’t need to worry about the hardware, software, or security. Also, the provider will usually provide updates automatically, though some upgrades may come with an additional fee. This leaves you free to focus on your business and let your phone provider worry about keeping the phone system working and updated.

As with many cloud-based applications, you may need hardware and software on your end too. The provider might provide you with phones, you might buy them, or you might simply use your computer, a headset, and a microphone. This gives you the ability to alter your setup as you need to. Otherwise, everything gets accessed via your internet connection.

Common Cloud Hosted Business Phone Systems

A couple of the more common business phone systems on the market include Skype and Gtalk. You can call for free if you want to speak with anybody who already uses the system. If you want to call a regular phone number or a different system, there will be a fee associated with the call. To pay this fee, you might already have paid for credit or have a credit card on file.

What Can Sophisticated Cloud Phone Systems Do?

Some of the more sophisticated systems will allow you to do much more than making simple phone calls. For one thing, you can choose to engage video with your call. Either the other caller can see you, a conference room full of people, or even graphics and videos that might support the topic of the phone call.

More sophisticated systems can even hook up to your CRM or other sales-based phone systems. This allows you to schedule calls, automatically call prospects via a calendar, leave automated messages, and perform many other functions. You can even include AI software that can handle some customer service, sales, and marketing functions without human intervention.

Why Rely On Cloud Hosting For Your Business Phone System?

If you want an affordable, high-tech phone system, you might consider using a cloud-hosted provider. You can enjoy advances in technology, security, and many features with this kind of system. At the same time, you should save money over old-fashioned, landline systems. The combination of lots of features and lower costs has convinced many businesses to switch to the cloud for their phone system.

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