5 Ways to Increase your eBay SEO


Online businessmen know the importance of search engine optimization. If you want to lead a successful business on the web, then it is imperative that you invest a reasonable amount of money and time in SEO. It is better and more preferable if you hire professional SEO developers to increase the visibility of your business on major search engines like Google. This article, however, is about improving SEO rankings on eBay. Most people don’t know but eBay has a separate search engine called Cassini that works similar to Google. If you want to make your items come up on the first page during a search, then you will have to employ the following tactics.

Use Keywords in the Title

On eBay, you have a maximum limit of 80 characters to include in the title. This is probably the most important factor for boosting your SEO ranking on eBay since all results come up according to the title of the listing. Use all the 80 characters to define your item and choose the most frequently used keywords. Include as many keywords as you can in the title but make sure that these keywords vary from one another. If you use the same keywords over and over again, the website can mark your item as spam and block it from the search engine.

Describe the subtitle and items Description carefully

The subtitles and items description allows you to further describe your product on the website. It is significant to increase the visibility of your item through keywords but it is more important to provide a suitable and accurate description of your product to the customers. The increased visibility would not mean anything if no one buys your product. So, instead of excessively using keywords, it is better appeal to potential buyers in the description and subtitle.

Name your eBay Store Appropriately

Whether you create eBay seller account for personal use or for professional retail business, you will most certainly own a virtual store on the website. A great way to improve your eBay search engine optimization is to appropriately name your store. You can include keywords in your store’s name especially if you are selling items in a specific category. This will naturally blend keywords into your business without going overboard.

Offer Alternate Spellings

Obviously, it is necessary to include correct spellings of your items and keywords to make them visible on the first page. However, a number of times people misspell the items and products they are looking for, this can reduce your SEO ranking significantly. A good way to get around this, is to offer alternate spellings of items in your description. Including some of the most common incorrect spellings of your items will improve your eBay SEO.

Add Alt TXT images

The importance of good images and gallery for attracting potential buyers cannot be stressed enough. But you can also take advantage of images to improve your SEO ranking as well. Alt TXT is an image format which allows you to add descriptions and keywords in your images. You can use this format to increase the visibility of your products as well.




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