Lighter Vs Match Box- Competitive Market Analysis



Lighter is used to make the fire and flame and it contains combination of fireworks, cigar, candles, and cannabis. Lighter is designed with metallic or synthetic container which packed with a combustible liquid or hassled fluid gas to make the light up. On the other hand, Lighter can also power by electricity which is using electric curve or warm material to burst into flames the target. Lighters were invented by the German Chemist Johann Wofgang Dobereiner in the year 1823. Lighter has several types such as stimulating arc lighter, automobile lighter, match lighter, permanent match, flameless lighter and catalytic lighter.

Lighter is hand held device and portable one to creating the flame. You can easily purchase lighter at affordable cost. You can easily transport the lighter from one place to another. Nowadays, Lighter has comes with water resistant. So, it will be worked even it will poured in water. You can buy the lighter in different design from the market or online purchasing market. The main disadvantage of lighter is easily used without any knowledge about fire cause major burn injuries to them. You should be careful to keep the lighter with you and your children.

Match Box

Matchbox contains are designed to made up of cardboard or thin wood to hold match sticks. Match box is an apparatus for creating fire. Usually match sticks are made of wood sticks or firm piece of paper. Match box is used in temples, festivals, home, industry, educational center, devotional place and other functions. Match stick contains chemical material that can burst into flames by frictional to produce heat against the suitable chemical substance. Match box are categorized into two types such as safety matches and strike anywhere matches. You can buy match box anywhere at low price. In 1826, John Walker from England invented the match box.

Safety matches are used to make fire by striking against the specific surface of match box and strike anywhere type of match can be utilized to clout anywhere at the surface of the matchbox. The striking surface of match box contains 25% powder glass, 50% red phosphorus, 5% neutralizer, 4% carbon black and 16% blinder. Matchbox contains number of match sticks based on the cost and it has variety of colors in the match box. You should not pour the match box into the water or matchbox will not be exertion.

Compare Lighter and Match box

Safety matches are derived from taking apart of the reactive ingredients between the match stick head at the one end and the striking surface. You can transport both lighter and match box anywhere easily. Huge numbers of people prefer lighter than match box. Lighters are easier to ignite than match boxes. Using electronic lighter instead matches can handle any type of weather. You can use the match box in festival or other functions instead using lighter. Mach box can be dangerous because of the amount of phosphorus in the fumes. Match box cause the cough or throat swells to old people or children.

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