All You Need To Know About Personal Accident Insurance


We truly agree to the fact that “Life is full of uncertainties” and we certainly cannot predict such incidents to take precautions. Accidents may take place at any time anywhere without giving us much time to react or think. It doesn’t matter where you are; accidents can happen at any point of time and may lead hazardous impacts on your health and mental stability. Some accidents are so disastrous that it may lead to death or permanent disability. It may burn up your lifelong savings and leave your entire family in a state of trauma. We agree that at the hand of fate, you can hardly do anything, however being prepared for the worst is the most wise thing to do. To keep yourself protected against fatal accidents, it’s always advisable to opt for Personal Accident Insurance.

What does Personal Accident Insurance refer to?

Personal Accident Insurance is meant to cover death/disability/injury caused directly resulting from accidents. You can buy personal accident for yourself and family as well for an all-round protection in case of an accident.

What’s covered under Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance covers the following fatal circumstances:


Due to an accident if the insured dies, the family gets 100% sum insured on producing the death certificate.


In case the insured suffers from total and permanent disability, then the insurance companies offer 100% sum insured on producing the certificate from the medical practitioner.

Broken Bones & Burns

Some accidents may lead to fractures or break your bones or causes burn injury, personal accident insurance offers a certain percentage of sum insured depending upon the severity of the event and its impacts on the insured.

Hospital Cash

Hospital cash refers to a certain amount offered by personal accident insurance provider to lessen the financial burden.

Ambulance expenses

Ambulance cost incurred post-accident is also borne by the insurance companies.


Anyone below the age of 65 years is eligible for the coverage.

Sum insured

  • You can choose a sum insured that ranges between Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs.
  • You can cover your family under one cover
  • Worldwide accident coverage

Your happiness may get disrupted and leave a shock and financial burden. Such is the impact of accident; it might lead to disability, severe injury or death. It can also end up absorbing your lifetime savings and create scarcity of finances. To secure your family’s day to day life routine in your absence, it’s essential to get a Personal Accident insurance. Enjoy peace of mind and lead a stress free lifestyle with HDFC ERGO Personal accident insurance.

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