Will you bring benefits to your friends?

Group of diverse friends enjoying summer party together

Going to the bar to drink, the other half is drunk, which kind of behavior makes you feel the most shameful?

  1. Play with the opposite sex
  2. Striptease on the table
  3. Quarrel and throw things
  4. Start peeing in public

Test results:

  1. If you are friends, you can have a blessing. In fact, the hearts of such people are very kind. You are very good to all your friends. Just like your family, you feel that your responsibilities to your family are very heavy. For friends, you will do your best to take care of them and have the money to contribute. As long as you believe that he is your friend, you will never abandon them, so the person who chooses this answer is really good to be friends with you, and you will be blessed with you for the rest of your life.
  2. Being friends with you can listen to gossip. In fact, people of this type like to share things with fun, especially his good friends. He can tell some jokes, or deliberately play ugly, of course, he will also talk about some gossip, make all the friends amused and happy, forget all the troubles.
  3. Being a friend with you can help solve the problem. In fact, this type of person is very loyal, he will support you when you get along with friends, even if you haven’t contacted for a long time, as long as you have a phone call, many things can help you solve it. So friends who choose this answer, you are very loyal.
  4. There is no benefit to being a friend. Because you are using your own heart to talk about feelings with friends. You feel that sincerity is the best, so you don’t think it is necessary to give friends a benefit. It is better to make a sincere friend. Sincerity is the most meaningful thing for you. So the person who chooses this answer will have less utilitarianism and sincerity as a friend.

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