Why Great SEO Is A Must For Your Website


Anyone who has created a website, blog, or online store, would be wise to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The value it creates in getting your site seen and ranking high on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) proves that great SEO is a must for your website.

Great SEO will get you on the front page of the searches for your topic and therefore increases your organic traffic and possible revenue.


What Is SEO?

Ok, so you know it means Search Engine Optimization, but what exactly is that? What does it entail?

SEO is like a set of guidelines that help optimize your website to help it appear higher in the search engines natural (organic) results.

Competition is fierce for the coveted top spots which are usually the first 5 results you get when searching for something. Even by looking at your own online searching habits you will see that typically the first page of results is the one where you usually find the results you are looking for. Far less often do we click on through the additional page results available.

While there are other methods to increase your website visibility, like paid placement, having great SEO gives you the best, and most long-lasting return, in the form of continual website traffic.

The basic component of SEO are keywords. A keyword, as defined by the Cambridge English dictionary is ‘a word that you type into a computer so that the computer will find information that contains that word’. You can also have long-tail keywords which are a string of words or a phrase associated with your subject matter.

For example, an article on baby food will have ‘baby food’ as its keyword, and then possibly ‘best baby food for kids under 2’as its long-tail keyword. As you can see a long-tail keyword is much more specific and therefore will have less online competition than the basic keyword which increases the chance of your website featuring higher on the SERPs.

SEO may also cover different kinds of searches like image searching, video searching etc.

The Benefits of Effective SEO

As well as increasing organic traffic, which in turn leads to increased sales, great SEO will also help build your website authority. Each website has a Domain Authority (DA) which directly relates to its relevance for a specific subject. The higher your DA the higher your ranking in those SERPs.

Effective SEO will give you an increased brand awareness, better conversion rates and increased site usability.

It also means that your website is running effectively all the time which increases your potential earnings.

Great SEO is probably the most cost-effective method of helping to make your website more visible and will therefore give you a greater return on investment (ROI).

SEO is actually a very difficult subject to master and not just because it is quite complex but also because it is a fluid subject matter in that what might have worked previously might not work as effectively now.

The increase in voice searches is one such development as previously keywords were focused on how you type a search query which is obviously different from the way you would speak the same query. You might type ‘best Thai restaurant UK’ but when speaking may say ‘where’s the best Thai restaurant in the UK’.

Because of this you really need someone with expert knowledge to help make your content SEO friendly.

While this comes at a cost you should really consider it an important investment as without it your website visibility will be minimal which is the last thing you want.

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