What are the bad friends you have to watch out for?

lonely girl is sitting on a wheelchair on the street while the other people are pointing at her

When you are dating, you arrive at the restaurant in advance, what do you do when you wait for someone?

  1. Makeup
  2. Watch magazine
  3. Play mobile phone
  4. Look around

Test results:

  1. You need to beware of friends who are not determined. You are a straightforward person who can’t hide words in your heart. If you have any idea, you will definitely say it directly. You treat others with sincerity and dare to say it. At the same time, if you have a problem, you like to talk about others behind others. When you do this, you are easily betrayed by friends who are not determined by your position.
  2. You need to be wary of people who have a stomach sword. You are especially easy to believe in others. If others are good to you, you will take others as brothers. The kind of friend who loves to talk good is the most likely to mess with you. Everyone loves to listen to good words, especially when you say something, if you say something nice, you will believe, but don’t think about what the other side has.
  3. You need to beware of rogue villains. You are a bad person, if someone plays with you, you will be helpless. You think that most people in this world are morally motivated, but there are actually a lot of unreasonable and arrogant villains. They don’t make sense to do what they do. They always use means to let others obey them. You are most afraid of such people.
  4. You need to beware of despicable people. You never play with others, but if others are attentive to you, you must fight others. You are a kind person in your bones. You would rather play against the enemy in front of you than in the dark. But others don’t mind using despicable means to deal with you.

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