The 5 Essential Steps to Create a Successful AdWords Campaign


You are in need to start another AdWords campaign but have the fear of losing out to your competitors. Here we take you down to the essential steps in creating a winning AdWords campaign.

1.Customer Intent

2.Research, Calculate and Analyze

3.Competitor Analysis

4.Make a tempting offer

5.Irresistible Call to Action

Customer Intent

People come into google with specific search intent. They want answers. So, it is important to know what the intent of your customers is. Determine the demand for the product or service you are offering for the user intent in his search. Determine the competition of the keyword whether it is going to be affordable for your business in the run.

Research, Calculate and Analyze

Perform proper keyword research and make a list of possible keywords which is going to be profitable for your business. Select medium competitive, user intent long-tail keywords. The keywords that have a high chance of benefiting for your business. Research and Analyze on this before the money is being spent on the campaign.

Competitor Analysis

Once the Keyword Research is done, move on to the next set of research for a perfect google AdWords campaign. Competitor Research forms the core for creating a successful AdWords campaign. Knowing who you are competing with, what sorts of keyword and ad copy they are coming out for your target market. Doing perfect competitor research relating to these factors helps you create a successful AdWords campaign.

Make a Tempting Offer

Make a tempting offer. An offer that is irresistible to your customers. An offer that is so tempting enough that drives the customer to it. An offer that is believable and more than that it should feel like providing more than the value they are paying for.

Call to Action

An irresistible offer should always be followed by a call to action. Make it simple and tempting. Let them complete the action rather than solving a puzzle. Be very clear in the call to action. For more tips – Look at Home of Performance Website Home of Performance.

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