Should you hire a commercial mover?


Moving can be a stressful and complicated event. Whether you’re moving a small office, a multilevel faculty, or full warehouse, it is a very involved process that requires detailed logistical planning, intensive physical labor, and the resources to transport your assets from point A to point B. Many managers and business owners relocating their operations ask the question, do we need to hire professional movers? Here are some things to consider when conducting a commercial move.

Cost of suspended operations

One of the biggest expenses businesses face is the revenue lost during the relocation. If you’re considering moving your operations with your own employees, you’ll need to ask if this is the most efficient way to move. By hiring a commercial moving company, the move will almost certainly be conducted much faster, saving you days, perhaps weeks, of downtime.

Stress on employees

Professional movers are trained for heavy lifting and physical labor. If you run an office, chances are, your employees are not. Hiring a moving company will relieve your staff from undue stress and save them from potential injuries and liabilities. Even if you’re moving within a building, it may be worth considering hiring a team to help moving heavy assets such as desks and IT equipment.

Additional resources

Another aspect to consider is the moving resources available. Moving companies will obviously have access to resources your company may not such as dollys, trucks, packaging, and more. If you’re planning a move on your own, you’ll need to take into account the expenses of renting this equipment.

Other considerations

Many moves have additional requirements that may not be thought of beforehand by inexperienced movers. For example, trained professionals are often required to handle specialty items such as IT equipment. There also needs to be coordination for disposing and recycling old office equipment.

Hiring commercial movers

Before you begin a move, it’s important to consider the above topics. Despite the upfront cost, hiring commercial movers could save your company thousands of dollars.

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