Selling Your Home? Is Selling Online Better Than Through an Agency?


It may be that you haven’t given a lot of consideration to your options when it comes to the way in which you decide to sell your house. But taking the opportunity to weigh up the options available to you before you contact a traditional high street estate agent may be of great benefit. It could be that your current circumstances suit a specific selling option over another, so it’s worth thinking about alternatives such as selling online. Many people will sell their homes through a traditional agent without a second thought simply because they believe it is always the best option. In some cases, using an estate agent will be the best option, but there could be some circumstantial value in selling online.

If you opt for an online seller, much of the process will be under your control, from photos of the property to uploading the property advert and then handling enquiries from potential buyers. This is unless the seller is a hybrid agency, in which case they will here local experts to handle buyer enquiries on your behalf. Different services will have different fees attached. But, if you like to be in control and you want to have a say in how your property is being advertised, an online selling platform could be a great option.

On the other hand, if you are shorter on time and not very online savvy, it’s likely that a more traditional agency is the better option for you. They will take care of the photos, the ad and the buyer enquiries. However, with more aspects to the service offered, there may be less wiggle room when it comes to fees. So, be prepared to pay higher fees when choosing a high street agent. One of the most appealing factors of selling through an online agency is that you will most likely save money on fees.

The speed of the sale will depend on the agency too. With more and more buyers browsing online for their new home these days (up to 93% of new buyers in particular according to a property expert survey in late 2018), you’re much more likely to sell your home faster with a high online presence. If you are opting for a more traditional agency in that case, ask about their online services and make sure you are getting the most for your money.

It’s good to note that if you decide to go with an online agency, as opposed to a high street chain, it is very likely that you will be expected to pay your fee up front. However, it is worth comparing this with the eventual price tag of the more traditional agency. For example, many online selling platforms, due to their stripped back service (and often due to them allowing you to be largely in control of the ad itself) will set their fee at a flat rate – anywhere between £300 to £2000. While this fee will be as it stands without regard towards the price of your property, depending on the value of your property, is may still be a lot cheaper than the commission of a high street agent.

The key here is to shop around. If you are quite happy to be in charge of the photographs and the advert used to sell your home, and are keen to handle the buyers enquiries too, you could save quite a bit of money by opting for an online-only, more basic option. The next best solution would be a hybrid online agency, who will offer more options such as surveys, and experts who will handle buyers enquiries and offers on your behalf. Depending on your circumstances however, if you have the means to pay more on commission, a more traditional agency could be the way to go – especially if you want to go whole hog and let the agency take full control of the advertising process.

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