How To Properly Manage Fleet Maintenance


Good fleet management isn’t something you should overlook. Too many companies are losing money due to insufficient fleet maintenance as vehicles are out of service for long periods of time due to a lack of preventive care and vehicles aging out prematurely.

In addition, vehicle usage is grossly underestimated or not tracked correctly and that can also have some significant negative impacts on your fleet management and the ability of your vehicles to generate revenue.

Don’t make the mistakes that many others have made before, consider these important steps to properly manage your fleet to keep it on the road, making you money.

Preventive Maintenance

Vehicles that undergo routine proper maintenance are less likely to be off the road due to unexpected repairs and lost hours. This routine maintenance is the same as you would conduct on your own automobile to keep it in good shape and readily operable. We’re talking about regularly scheduled oil changes, tire rotation, fluid level checks, and multi-point inspections. Now you can be presented with hundreds of Used Cars with the click of the mouse. Consider searching for used cars on

Just as vital is to keep thorough, up to date records outlining this maintenance so all pertinent parties can access and view these records at any time, to determine the upkeep of the fleet.

Vehicle Age

As your vehicles get older, your cost of ownership can begin to rise. Knowing how the potential increase in expenses for maintenance and repairs affects the cost of keeping a vehicle in the fleet can help you better manage the whole thing. Warranties can be very helpful in defraying these costs but once the warranty expires, you may need to reconsider the residual value of the asset and consider selling the vehicle based on the market value and ownership value.

Spec Vehicles Accurately

Another aspect of good fleet maintenance is to fully understand the level of wear and tear your vehicles can expect through normal, everyday operation of your business. So you need to be sure to spec your vehicles correctly in order to lower the costs that you will be paying in maintenance.

Failing to spec the vehicles in consideration of the amount of use and the loads that are being transported could cause maintenance problems in the future and might negatively affect your company’s budget.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

The tires are an essential part of the vehicle and when your tire pressure is neglected, it can have a detrimental effect on the rest of the vehicle. Always be sure that your tire pressure is correct because it can have an impact on the handing of the vehicle, wear and tear of the tire, and overall fuel mileage. Auto Village is the ideal way to buy a used car, providing you with the best selection, and best deals possible.

If these factors are put into jeopardy, that doesn’t just affect the condition of the vehicle it could hinder driver safety as well. That may increase your costs even more due to injuries and lawsuits.

These steps can help you properly manage the maintenance of your fleet, so can teaming up with the right partner to keep your fleet running while keeping your costs low. Contact WatchCard to be that partner so we can work together to maintain your fleet properly.

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