How to design a successful letterhead?


Of all the office stationery, the letterhead is used the most as it carries the official communication and correspondence. So designing the letterhead receives the utmost priority and importance in letterhead printing.

Only the right design can add distinction to your letterhead and make it totally functional. To design a successful letterhead, many points have to be considered like these

Pointers to designing a successful letterhead

  1. Get the grid fixed

The size of the Letterhead paper plays a pivotal role in its design. Be it US size or Indian size, the size matters most as it is going to decide how the layout will be designed and the elements will be arranged in the letterhead layout.

So first decide the paper size for the letterhead and then fix the grid for it. The grid of the letterhead layout segments it into 3-4 rectangular sections. At the top is the company logo while the central space is left for the body text to be typed, printed or handwritten. The bottom part is left for company address details etc. These sections of the grid may be arranged according to your taste.

Some unique letterhead designs allocate a quarter of the space on the left for the company logo, address and other details leaving the remaining space on the right for the body text.

However it may be structured. The grid of the letterhead layout is the foundation of its design and has to be fixed first.

  1. Decide the design elements

Is your letterhead going to be spaced out with a vertical grid or horizontal grid? A horizontal grid has a header while the vertical one has a spine column. Is it going to be single, dual or multi-colour? Which aspects of the letterhead design need to be highlighted? How prominent should your logo be?

  1. Stick to brand guidelines

Your letterhead is often your brand ambassador in corporate circles. Make sure you adhere to the corporate guidelines for colour and font to be used on the letterhead. Also reproduce the company logo accurately without error to enable successful branding. Always use the artwork or images given by the company for the logo to avoid confusions.

  1. Be creative in design

Apart from the corporate elements, a lot of creativity can be unleashed in designing the letterhead.

The areas where you can bring in your creativity are the:

  • Graphics- Using minimal graphics for effect can be done in the letterhead. Graphic elements are supported by letterheads on the borders, shapes, geometric designs and patterns
  • Visual elements-Nowadays some companies prefer printing photos of their product or even their top executive on the letterhead and this can be done creatively
  • Extra Effects– Use extra effects like spot lamination die cuts, folds or colour gradation for that unique touch to your letterhead design.
  1. Take advantage of the paper’s texture

The type of paper you use will play a major role in your design. A textured paper has a nature of its own and your design will succeed only if you conform to it. Recycled paper has a colour of its own and you have to choose ink colours that go well with it. Such factors have to be considered meticulously while designing a successful letterhead.

  1. Choose the right print provider

The most crucial aspect of a successful letterhead design lies in choosing the right print provider. Only a professional print provider can execute letterhead printing to perfection. This is because great care and diligence are required in reproducing the company logo, displaying the colour tones and aligning the fonts in a letterhead. Only a seasoned expert can handle this with their years of experience.

Entrust your letterhead printing to the right provider and make it successful and sensational.

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