How Does Notebooks Printing Work?


Everyone needs notebooks. School students take notes in class, college goers jot down points of lectures, corporate executives make note of presentations, and housewives write down their choicest recipes!  Everyone needs notebooks, but has anyone wondered how the notebooks printing process works?

Let us take a look.

The Notebooks Printing Process

Notebooks printing can be done in mainly two ways: manual or mechanical. We’re going to examine both of them.

Manual Notebooks Printing

In manual notebooks printing, most of the work is done by hand. Paper, Cardboard and printed sheets for the cover, binding cloth, thread, and gum are the materials required.

Here the paper roll is fed into the machine and the machine is set to the specific size. If pages have to be ruled, the machine is set for the ruling type as well. There are different types of page ruling – 2 lines, 4 lines, checked etc.  Now the pages, ruled or unruled, are cut to size.

The front and back covers of the notebook and its index are designed and printed separately by screen print or offset. the covers are also cut to size.

Now the pages are assembled neatly. The cover pages are inserted now. The notebook is now stitched and stuck together with gum by hand.  The pages are checked for uniformity and the notebook is packed.

Mechanical Notebooks Printing

Fully automatic notebook printing machines are being used these days to manufacture notebooks. Advanced printing machines with “state-of-the-art” printing technology are being used for printing notebooks mechanically.

The machine has 2 sections for inserting the cover and index of the notebook. These 2 sections are loaded with covers and index for the notebook. The machine is then set for ruling and size of the pages of the notebook. Once printing starts, the machine does the ruling of pages,  inserting covers and index, as well as counting, pinning, folding and back-squaring pages and even does the final cutting of notebooks. Up to 5 notebooks per cycle are manufactured.

All you have to do is feed the paper in the jumbo roller and you get the notebooks printed and ready in one shot. If the settings are right, there is no need for any human intervention and the machine does it all.

The entire notebook printing process is carried out in a clean, dust-free and non-polluting environment. The equipment used enables quick printing and timely delivery. The quality of the paper and covers used are premium and ensure that the notebook is both well-designed to look and durable resisting wear and tear.

The notebook covers are designed by special creative artists and graphic designers. Professional print providers have their own in-house design units which make the process more time-saving.

Only professional print specialists invest in such high-tech machines to offer the best of quality and service in notebook printing. They also use only the best quality paper and cardboard for notebook printing as they wish to deliver the best for their clients with no compromise on the quality.

Notebook Providers

A regular old notebook can be purchased from any stationery shop. However, when you need notebooks to be printed with a special notebook design, always think of professional print providers. Entrust your notebook printing to the expert print specialists in town and get efficient, exemplary and economical notebooks right away.

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