How can you benefit from shot blasting?


Shot blasting is an effective way to clean hard surfaces and to remove coatings, stains or paint. It’s also known as sandblasting or bead blasting and uses high pressure to remove contaminants and other unwanted substances.

There are several abrasives that are used for shot blasting including sand, water, glass and many more.

How does shot blasting work?

The process of shot blasting is simple. It works by firing abrasives at a surface at high pressure and speed.

The equipment provided by Surface Finishing Equipment Group (SFEG) is easy to use. The first thing that you need to do is to select a suitable abrasive to release and SFEG can help you to identify the best one.

How to choose an abrasive?

Choosing the right abrasive is key if you’re to achieve a long-lasting, even clean – allowing you to maximise your profits and get the job done quicker.

SFEG have an abrasives guide which will help you to determine which blasting abrasive is right for you. To ensure that you select the right one, there are several factors to consider, such as:

  1. Surface characteristics

Abrasives have different surface characteristics and therefore suit different applications. The finer abrasives achieve excellent surface preparation, allowing you to repaint or coat the surface easily.

  1. Size

Abrasives that are made up of smaller particles are great for cleaning surfaces faster and providing more coverage.

  1. Shape

Believe it or not, the shape of the abrasive plays an important part in shot blasting. The shape affects the depth of the cut made into the targeted surface. Rounded particles provide an even surface and are ideal if you’re looking to break away a hard coating.

  1. Hardness

When compared to softer abrasives, the particles within the hard abrasives have a deeper profile. Soft abrasives remove dirt, oil, grease and paint with ease to enable you to apply a new coating of paint.

What are the benefits of shot blasting?

There are countless ways that you can benefit from shot blasting and SFEG is guaranteed to provide you with a solution that works best for you.

The shot blasting equipment from SFEG is not only used to prepare surfaces – it can help to eliminate harsh chemicals that are not environmentally friendly.

When a surface is shot blasted, a permanent bond is formed between the protective layer and the sandblasted surface. The team at SFEG provide shot blasting equipment that allows you to detect surface defects which, in the long run, allows you to increase the longevity and durability of surfaces.

Shot blasting has a high productivity rate and can speed up the preparation of surfaces –  allowing you to remove paints, rust, corrosion and graffiti, reliably. Using more than one abrasive will provide better blast pattern accuracy and SFEG supply a selection of abrasive blast pots which provide features that meet the demands of users. What’s more, they can even be customised to suit your exact requirements.

Need to know more about shot blasting? Contact the team of professionals at SFEG today.

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