6 Things to think about when choosing shelving


West Pennine Storage Equipment supplieseverything from everyday shelving solutions to heavy duty shelving and spur shelving– ensuring that youhave all you could possibly need to maximise your storage space.

To make sure that you pick the right shelving for your business, there are several things you need to consider:

  1. Space

Is there enough space to install heavy duty shelving?

Make sure that you accurately measure the height, width and depth of the area where you intend to install shelving to avoid purchasing units that won’t fit neatly.

  • Weight

How much weight will the shelves need to hold?

As with any shelving, you will need to distribute the load evenly across the shelf and the team at West Pennine Storage Equipment are always on hand to provide you with a suitable solution; ensuring that you find a shelving unit that holds items securely.

  • Access

Could shelving make it more accessible for you to reach essential items?

Shelving allows you to store items in an organised manner. Whether you decide to position it against the wall or free-standing, you need to make sure that it can easily be accessed – otherwise, there’s no point in installing it.

One of the main benefits of the heavy-duty units is that they can be easily accessed from either side.

  • Storage

What do you need to store?

Always weigh up your options before making an impulsive decision; is heavy duty shelving right for you, or could you benefit from spur shelving?

Deciding which shelving suits your business best doesn’t have to be difficult…not when West Pennine have a wealth of experience to share. They can help you to determine which shelving you need, making sure that your items are safely stored.

Heavy duty shelving is suitable for storing weighty objects where spur shelving is better suited to storing lighter office equipment.

  • Location

Where will shelves be placed?

Spur shelving is often the preferred choice for offices and retail due to its versatility. If you’re looking to install shelves without compromising space, you can’t beat the wall-mounted spur shelves which are available in light, medium and heavy-duty variations.

  • Longevity

All spur shelving from West Pennine is manufactured to the highest quality, providing you with a long-lasting solution.  They are designed to suit various environments and can be easily extended – providing you with a flexible storage solution and exceptional value for money.

As with any of their products, shelving is designed to be economical, strong and reliable, meeting British standards.

West Pennine also provide a wide selection of charging lockers and mobile steps which are great for warehouses, offices and many other industrial settings – so be sure to check out their extensive range of storage equipment.

For more information, call West Pennine Storage Equipment on 01706 875500 today.

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