4 Easy Ways to Advance Your Career


Are you feeling a bit stuck in your current professional role or career path? If so, you’re not alone. Sometimes waking up every day to do the same thing can become tedious, or maybe you feel like you are not growing professionally in the workplace. Perhaps you are looking to get a raise at work or outperform your peers for a coveted position.

Whatever the case, an important part of any job is personal enrichment. That is why we’re covering 4 easy ways to advance your career and ensure you are happy to go to work every day. If you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to bigger and better things in no time.

1.  Set Strong, Reasonable Goals

If you want a new job, keep your eyes on the prize. If it’s a new position, ensure you have it at the top of your mind while at work. Remember that getting there isn’t going to happen overnight. As a matter of fact, it’s the little things that count the most during this time.

Ensure that you are putting forth full effort while completing your daily tasks at work. Look for ways to stand out amongst your peers, such as coming up with a new strategy or putting in overtime to complete a project on deadline.

Your goals will drive your efforts to achieve them and give you direction. If you are thinking about switching career paths, what can you do to steer in that direction?

One of your options is going to school.

2.  Enroll In an Educational Program

Going back to school is sometimes the best way to push yourself over the fence into a new opportunity. There are several ways to do this, including enrolling in an accredited university, a local community college, online courses, or trade school.

Whether you are starting a new career or growing within your field, what matters here is that you are acquiring the skills and qualifications necessary for a higher-level position. Oftentimes, job descriptions require a minimum education to be met in order for the applicant to be considered. Although a fake diploma may do the trick, it will serve more as inspiration to help you earn the real deal.

3.  Build Your Network

Networking is a powerful way to advance your career. A lot of times, scoring a new position falls on who you know. If you present yourself as someone capable of taking on the job and build a relationship with a professional, they may put in a good word to their superiors.

Not sure if you have what it takes to maneuver life as an expert networker? Check out this list of skills to help get you started.

We recommend LinkedIn as a great way to scope out jobs and people. The social media site’s user-friendly interface targets professionals. Here, you can showcase your resume, list your skills, and toggle a setting that lets potential employers know you are open to job opportunities. You can easily research a company and see who works there, then reach out to someone via message. This individual would most likely be a human resources person or someone in the department you are interested in.

You must be sure to nurture your connections. As we mentioned, obtaining that dream job will not happen overnight. Instead, you must build and maintain that relationship. Perhaps there are no positions open at this time, or maybe you are working towards that degree. Whatever the case, inviting someone out for coffee or engaging with them on social media can go a long way in reminding them that you are there.

4.  Speak to Your Superiors

At the end of the day, transparency is key. If you are feeling tired or bored with your current position, it may benefit you to simply speak to your manager or a human resources person and tell them how you feel.

If your superiors are aware of where you stand, they may be more than willing to adapt to your needs, especially if you are a valued employee. Employers don’t like to see an employee go. It benefits everyone to ensure that you are happy in your position.

How does one go about addressing this?

Schedule a meeting with your boss or a human resources person. Create a list of things you would like to learn or do in your current role. Ask what you can do to advance in your workplace. Perhaps a certification course is required, or maybe they will offer to pay for you to go back to school. Before going out and applying to several roles in different companies, see what your current employer can offer you. It could save you a lot of time and trouble.

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