3 proven ways to maximise your savings on freight charges


When there is a need to deliver cargo from a source location to the destination point, freight prices are levied by the carrier. Hence, freight charges are defined as a price, which a person needs to pay when one needs to transport the goods from one location to another. Ocean Freight transportation permits large institutions and business owners to maximize the savings on the freight costs on large freights and parcels.

What one needs to take into consideration?

When it comes to freight costs, one needs to consider the whole picture and not only the part cost of transporting the freight. Hence, one needs to understand the whole process and not only the freight prices in particular.

When trying to cut down on spending on shipping, there is a commonly held myth about the freight prices, which one needs to consider. To increase your profits, one needs to maximize the savings.

Proven ways to maximize the savings on Freight prices:

Not categorizing every Shipment as urgent

It is critical to have thorough research and search for the best options when one is shipping the goods nationally or internationally. Hence, one needs to compare freight charges, so that he can get an idea about the freight costs. It will help one to get a fair idea about the cost-effective shipping methods.

It is often wise to check and verify the freight costs trends in the market. One also requires to be conscious of the facts regarding the changes in the current market. Ensure that logistics providers are informed of the upcoming and current market news.

For example, at the time of the Chinese New Year, the freight rates increase. It happens because the importers rush their goods before the Chinese New Year and all ocean carriers work in full capacity at this time.

Before peak season, one needs to manage the production time. One can save quite a lot when the freight rates are low.

Maximizing the loads

One requires to pay a small amount for each item if the number of items or products are more. Charges are levied on each container when they are shipped from one place to another. One needs to max out space in the container so that one needs to pay less for the container.

The size of the container varies from 20” to 40”/ 40 HQ. Often there is a cost difference when one is shipping in a 20” container and a 40” container. For ocean transportation, it is seen that generally four types of ocean containers are used. They are:

  • 40” – 57CBM
  • 20” – 27 CBM
  • 45 HQ- 78 CBM
  • 40 HQ- 67 CBM

Do not forget about the large Freight

It is necessary to look for prices of the large freight as one needs to save on the freight charges for the large goods transportation as well. The large shipment includes anything big like IT and clinical equipment, which weighs 68 kg.

By using the freight management programs to ship and receive all the construction equipment, organizations can substantially save on the freight charges. The managers can plan for the maximum freight savings when they are shipping a large number of goods through the shipment.

Since transportation charges are very high these days, hence, it is necessary to maximize the savings on freight prices. Mentioned above are some ways in which it can be done.

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