10 Easy to use Graphic Design Software for Beginners


Graphics and images attract attention more and help one to absorb textual information or messages better, with greater ease. In advertising and marketing arenas, the need for quality and appealing graphic designs is more prominent. Graphic designers make sure they produce visually stunning work.

Graphic designers are seen using advanced technology combined with creative skills for delivering the desired results. Now almost all web and print graphics are created on computers. Complex or simple, your projects need considerable use of a good software. A graphic design software helps in completing the tasks easily, efficiently and without compromising on what the clients look for.

Professional graphic designers generally do not use free graphic design software in their professional design workflow. Beginning designers use them and other such easy to use and access graphic design tools that will allow them to learn the basics without investing too much time.

A brief study on Graphics Software

From the computer graphics point of view, graphics software suggests a program or collection of programs that allows users to visually manipulate pictures or models on a computer.

Computer graphics have some distinct categories like raster graphics and vector graphics. The 2D and 3D variants are also computer graphics. From vector graphics to raster graphics it is easy to convert but doing the vice-versa is challenging.

Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw are two most reputed and commonly sought after graphics software available nowadays.

User-friendly Graphic Design Software for Beginners

Graphic design software for beginners feature less complexity and a low learning curve but they are not inefficient in giving you their best.

Here, we are enlisting 10 such graphic design software that you as a newbie can easily use to produce stunning design work.


GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is very user-friendly and highly flexible. It is a free and open source graphic designing tool that can run on GNU/Linux, Mac, OS X, Windows etc.

Often dubbed as Free Photoshop, beginners can easily do digital painting and image manipulation. It features painting tools, color correction, selection, cloning, and enhancement. An inbuilt file manager is also available.


Photoshop is also considered as one of the prime graphic design platform choices with newbies to produce creative design projects. It runs on both Windows and Mac.

Photoshop features 20 stunning effects, image rendering, RAW image support, social sharing, and auto-fix abilities. It offers cropping, perspective correction, channel mixing, straightening, rotating, and flipping functionalities.


This is a vector graphic design software and is very easy to use. It has a gallery of artwork. This is also a free graphic design software and an open source one, featuring SVG as its native file format. Newbies can create pro-grade vector graphics using this.

Inkscape is compatible with Windows, Linux, OS, and Mac. It has unlimited filters and new effect tools.

Adobe Illustrator

This vector drawing platform is also a user-friendly tool for making logos, challenging illustrations and typography design for videos or mobile. Adobe Illustrator plugin facilitates producing visually appealing web pages

The latest version, Illustrator CC 2019  is the 23rd-gen product introduced in October 2018. You can export your designs to PDF, PS, and EPS formats.

Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition

It reflects the Adobe Illustrator functionalities. The free version is highly intuitive to use and is very user-friendly so a good option for beginners. It can work with  Pantone color profiles and can generate print-ready design work. It is best known for 3D rendering.

Adobe Indesign

No other graphic design platform can beat it when it comes to framing clean layouts for mobile and desktop devices. It is suitable for beginners as it features a very low learning curve. Mixing text with graphics is easier using Adobe Indesign.

Users can drag-drop secluded layers and resize images with greater ease. It is available with limited tools but can address basic graphic designs needs quite impressively.


This is an absolutely free cloud-based logo and graphic design online tool for Linux. This graphic design software for Ubuntu is highly suitable for both professionals and newbies to design diverse page covers, magazines, flyers, greeting cards, and social media ads.

Crello feature 5000+ customizable themes, free images, built-in photo effects, image editor, 25+ design formats and filter service.


This absolutely free Android app is extremely user-friendly and comes with a host of useful tutorials. Straightforwardly speaking, this graphic design software for android is not that efficient for professional designers but for newbies, it is a prime selection. Sketch’em allows sharing the images you create with others on Facebook or Twitter.


This absolutely free Android app enables graphic designers to generate color palettes from whichever photos they wish to. They can do so and use the colors in their design.

Adobe FreeHand

This has earned its place here in this list because it is easy to use that a newbie designer can master quickly. A 7-day free trial version is available.

Beginners can pick any from the enlisted options here. All are equally excellent programs in their own right that you can use to create designs.

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