How to Become an Independent Creative Writer and Make a Career of It


Creative writing is a career choice that many people opt for today because of several reasons. It allows you to explore your skills with creativity and you can actually have a very flexible working schedule once you manage to get on the freelancing part. The majority of social media influencers and bloggers out there first started off as writers and succeeded with the work that they did. So how can you make an independent career out of writing? Here are some tips to help you think about whether or not this is right for you.

Start Getting Your Work Experience Beforehand

In order for you to fly solo you will first need to gain the right grooming beforehand. This would be best received at an organization so that you have all the tools that you need to work with. Working in an organization for a certain period of time will cultivate working ethics in you on how you can deal with clients, working to tight deadlines, handling multiple projects at the same time, discipline to do your due work, diligence, working with a team and working as a leader. It will give you the basic training and development that you need. Therefore the best thing that you could do to help yourself as a writer would be to gain the right skills and grooming.

Learn On Your Own

Even if you do get the skills that you need for your job, the distance you will go in your career is determined greatly by the kind of drive that you have towards learning on your own and evolving from it. Look up content online and see how technology is used to enhance this such on resources like where you can find out how the technical aspects of things work. And if you actually like any of the organizations you are referring you might even be able to work with them when you start flying solo.

Start Something Small For Yourself

The next step should come when you are still working in an organization and you start to test the waters. It is better to not quit your job before you go out testing to see if you can actually get work. It is highly competitive out there and people do not always go shopping for writers, so start introducing yourself to the world of freelancing by starting a small blog of your own. If it does not violate the legal terms of your current employment, you will also be able to do a few projects outside of the office work you do. In doing so you will be able to build some contacts that can give you work as you leave your job to work on your own and it will also give you a reality check on what kind of income you are looking at on the whole and how much time you need before you can support yourself. Look at all of these aspects before you start going solo as a creative writer.



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