Advance your Career with Angular 6 Training from Zeolearn


Angular is a development framework which is JavaScript based. The reasons behind Angular’s popularity lie in its robustness and dynamic nature when it comes to the development of SPA or Singular Page Applications. This is an open source framework. This framework is mainly popular when it comes to the development of dynamic apps and is backed up by Google.

This is best suited for the creation of dynamic apps because it offers dependency injection and data binding features which can provide a significant reduction in the amount of code. The course on Angular offered by Zeolearn focuses on making the students familiar with the fundamentals of this framework in building SPA applications. These type of applications can help the business to achieve quick ROI since there will be fewer costs in terms of development and maintenance along with faster accessibility.

This development framework is very versatile since it is based on JavaScript. This is the reason it is making waves and has become very popular in the industry. When it comes to the creation of single page applications, developers always choose an Angular framework.

Angular 6 training:

From this Angular course, students can learn

  • Coding using both ES6 and TypeScript and they will learn to use all the features here
  • The course will focus on teaching the best practices in Angular coding and the architecture of this framework
  • They will start using Routing, angular forms, and Dependency injection, and usage of observables as well
  • They will understand Http services in Angular, and they will start updating, retrieving, and delete using this feature
  • They will learn unit testing of Angular application’s parts like Pipes, Services, Modules, and its components
  • Make use of Angular CLI for creating, building, and deploying the angular application
  • Development of reusable elements by making use of angular elements

Course structure:

The course involves

  • More than 20 hours of interactive training which will be led by instructors
  • This course will cover 5, 4, and 2 versions of this Angular framework
  • The Angular 6 course aims to cover all the features including basics to advanced features in the Angular framework
  • Students will learn through developing the applications and they will experience end to the cycle of development


The prerequisite for this course is experience in developing applications using JavaScript. In case the students do not have this experience, instructors will help them by providing few classes on this subject.

Why Zeolearn?

There are thousands of students who have taken advantage of courses provided by Zeolearn. They succeeded in gaining required skills through these courses. This is considered an easily accessible platform and meantime a cutting-edge platform for learning new things. Instructors who are industry experts will lead the courses. More than all the training offer convenient scheduling which is helpful for working candidates.

The course provided is very interactive and live. Any students can ask questions and clarify their doubt anytime in the course. They can also take the help of other participants and instructors in clarifying their doubts though engaging in discussions with them. Each and everything is taught to students through projects, and this is the reason students will learn to solve the problem through coding. They can also practice through doing assignments outside class.

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