4 Tips For Acing Your Interview At A Prospective Law Firm


Individuals that graduate from law school soon realize that just getting a “foot in the door” can be a real challenge as they begin the process of submitting résumés in the hopes that the right match may materialize sooner, rather than later. Even with outstanding credentials, many job hunters find that utilizing the services of a Toronto legal recruiter can save time and effort in securing the best position possible. Here are four of the tips recommended by recruiters that can increase the odds of securing a job early in the search.

  1. Know Who You Are Interviewing With And Tailor Your Approach

Once an interview is scheduled you know that you already meet the company’s standards on paper, but what many job seekers don’t realize is that going into any interview with background knowledge about who you’re talking to makes it easier to let your personality and enthusiasm shine through. Know what position in the firm you want, evaluate the organization’s strengths, weaknesses and how you can help advance their agenda so you can ask knowledgeable questions.

  1. Prepare For The Questions You May Be Asked

Knowing exactly what position within the company you want and what that position entails can serve as a springboard for potential answers to any questions asked and further extrapolations that will help your cause. This is the time that your flexibility and strengths can demonstrate that the company needs your abilities. The last thing you want to do is come off as defensive, snobbish, inflexible or difficult to work with.

  1. What To Ask When It’s Your Turn

The questions you ask the interviewers can often be just as important as the ones they’ve asked you. Once you’ve done your homework on the company, preparing a list of questions that will demonstrate your knowledge of the organization and how you could fit in is key to a successful interview. Finding out how cases are staffed, what your responsibilities would be, the amount of direct client contact you will have and how the firm is marketed are all important, but avoid questions about salary and how hard you’ll have to work as you may come off as opportunistic.

  1. Always Follow Up

Although in the past sending a thank you note after an interview was appropriate, today an email serves almost exactly the same function. Each interviewer should receive a note that has been personalized. Be sure and check for typos, keep it short, and don’t email too frequently unless another offer is pending— you just want to let them know that they are your first choice.

If you take the time to think over and internalize the aforementioned great tips to ace your interview with a Toronto law firm, you will certainly have a leg up on the competition. Your degree and experience are crucial and the interview is the final hurdle to gauge your personality and how well you’ll fit into the organization. Remain unfazed, quick, personable, patient, and really listen to what they have to say—remember that the interview is a two-way street: you are also interviewing them to ensure that the job and firm is a good match for you.

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