You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to fly in a private jet. With JetSmarter membership, you can jet set in style

Sara Oliver joints the jet set flying in a Legacy 650. The crew : Capt Gary Pottage Pilot David Wilson Stewardess Jane Simpson mobile 07966 155 905 24th. June 2015

When we talk about private jets, you would perhaps think of the multimillionaires or CEOs with heaps of money. However, in this world of innovation and technology, Gen-X companies like JetSmarter have entailed a revolution in this arena.

Based on a membership-powered business mode, JetSmarter provides ‘Uber for Private Jet’ services. Owing to its exclusive membership program, flying private has been made accessible. It is no longer a luxury only for the elites.

The brainchild of CEO Sergey Petrossov, JetSmarter was founded in 2012. Today, the company has five offices globally, and arranges flights within 170 different countries. It strives to ‘build the future of private air travel, so the world can experience aviation as it was meant to be’.

Commonly known as the ‘Uber for private jets’, JetSmarter offers fantastic deals to the customers at astonishingly accessible prices under its membership program. Just like Uber, it allows the members to book private jets directly from its app. The company offers unlimited private jet flights for an upfront membership fee. It provides customers with value, convenience and quality when it comes to flying via private jet.

Standard membership of JetSmarter charges $15,000 for the first year. It costs $13,000 in the second year. It includes the options of JetShuttle, JetDeals and JetCharter. Using JetShuttle, the members get free seats on scheduled shuttle routes. They can also create their own shuttles between certain cities. The option of JetDeals provides free flights to new destinations daily from the most preferred cities of the members. On the other hand, you can book a private jet with guaranteed availability in over 170 countries, availing the option of JetCharter.

A flyer with standard membership can fly as many times as he wishes with last-minute empty leg flights and shorter shuttles. The plan allows its members free shared flights, provided that they can only reserve two flights in advance. The members can also bring guests on shared flights, with the price varying between $495, for a seat on a shared Pilatus PC12 flying between New York and Boston. The price is $6,000 for flying between New York and London.

The best part about JetSmarter membership is that it’s global. It provides you access to flights in North America, Europe and the Middle East. As a part of its expansion plan, the company also looks forward to launch in Asia as well.

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