Why You Need A Branded Tablecloth For Your Next Event





Trade shows and business events can be exhausting; there are so many other vendors, all competing for the customers to look their way. Whilst custom banners are a great way to be eye catching, have you ever stopped to consider branded tablecloths?

We believe branded tablecloths, like the ones you can get from Altegra, are a great idea. But if you need a little more convincing, check out our top reasons why you need a branded tablecloth at your next event

You’ll make your area look more attractive

First impressions matter, right? So making sure you have a tablecloth over your table is really important. It will give you a more professional and polished look, and will keep the customers attention on you, rather than your less than appealing exhibition area. This is especially true if there are lots of other vendors at the event, as without one, you’ll likely be standing out for all the wrong reasons.

An extra way to promote your business

Having a branded tablecloth instead of a plain one provides another opportunity to get your branding across to customers. You want your customers to remember who you are, so having your branding on your tablecloth gives an extra reminder. As well as this, you’ll look so much more professional.

Easy to transport

You might be hesitant to invest in branded banners because of their size and difficulty in transportation. When you’re heading to an event, you don’t need the extra stress of transporting around large and heavy advertising material. A custom tablecloth is small and easy to fold up and transport, making it a great alternative to a large and bulky banner. Just fold it up and pop it in your bag, no need for extra baggage!

You’ll stand out

Next time you go to an event, look around at all of the vendors and see how many of them have white tablecloths. Whilst these are okay, a bright colour will attract far more attention, especially throughout the sea of white.  Choose a colour from your branding and see just how many more customers come to your table.

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