Why CRM software for advertising agencies is so important?


In case you own an advertising agency, you may be wondering why it is so necessary to invest in CRM software. The answer is quite easy: to optimize and organize you r business with minimal effort in less time. It is important to remember that every software company is going to try imposing themselves in a unique way, because everyone is facing a market growth. Even though you may have heard before about CRM software for advertising agencies like bpm’online, Pepperi or InStream, there are a lot of details and features that you will want to know about implementing one for your business. But how are you supposed to know what CRM software is the most suitable for leading a company? Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • How can a CRM solution help me? Do I need to implement one?
  • What kinds of investments are needed to deploy a CRM product?
  • What CRM products are available on the market?
  • What other costs a CRM system can generate?

There are many reasons companies choose to use a CRM product. For any advertising agency, computerized data centralization, easier resource coordination of activities, entire organized company performance systems are just a few of the factors that contribute to the overall well-being of a firm. The benefits of automation are numerous: they are increasing productivity and employee efficiency, the customer relationships are improved and the company will be experiencing cost savings. Can you image an agent, especially a marketing one, working only with pen and paper these days? It would be a waste of time, energy and money.

A Sales Representative’s time is usually lost during the administrative activities that occur beyond the actual sales. CRM solutions can be used by any business engaged in advertising, marketing, customer support or sales. The size of the company is also important regarding the implementation of a CRM system. One will have to take into account how many users need to have access to the platform. A company that exceeds approximately 500 employees should use advanced solutions, capable of organizing enormous databases and which includes special functionalities. Before choosing CRM software for advertising agencies any business manager should document upon each and every vendor and what it has to offer.

A short list with CRM vendors and the features they are offering

  • bpm’online

When it comes to media and advertising, the CRM software offered by bpm’online can help any business improve their relationship with the customers by enhancing the engagement with them and focusing mainly on the target audience that was previously set up. Taking care of customer management will no longer represent an issue, keeping in mind that you will have full visibility on your clients’ contact information, history, orders and main preferences which will help you understand better what they want, gaining their trust and loyalty. For advertising agencies, it is paramount to keep track of interactions and to have access to a database which is properly sectioned using a criterion, making your job much easier when it comes to searching a specific thing.

Boosting marketing campaigns with the help of multichannel marketing is something that most companies look for. This kind of feature will allow you to switch between the features of a responsive interface which contains all the tools necessary for managing a marketing campaign. Tasks such as setting up calendar events for your marketing campaign or dealing with customer emails will no longer be difficult and inefficient. Automating sending emails should be much more convenient for any company, regardless the industry it is activating in.

  • ReachEdge

ReachEdge is one of the many CRM products that offer a total marketing system, meaning that you will take care of not only advertising, creating an online presence and manage leads, but also track your progress and check the analytical reports (that you can actually understand) at the end of each action. When you are thinking about quality digital advertising, you should keep in mind how important social ads are in the first place. Gaining awareness on social media platforms such as Facebook is quite hard to obtain, so ReachEdge focuses on this matter along with retargeting advertising and location-based advertising, which will surely have a visible impact later.

The ReachEdge software is friendly to use and will allow you to control any leads, no matter their form: by phone, by email, by chat etc. A quick response means happy clients and this is what a company’s main goal is all about. As mentioned before, marketing automation is beneficial for any company, helping you to manage opportunities better and earn more sales at the same time. At the end of each such operation, the ReachEdge users are able to check the analytics reports and see if the implementation of the program did have an impact on their business.

  • Pepperi

Pepperi is offering its users a responsive mobile platform to keep track of your automation activities. Going paperless doesn’t even require access to a computer as long as everything you need is on your mobile phone. This is very comfortable for a business and Pepperi provides every platform users (Android/Windows/iOS) with a mobile interface. With the help of such software a user can personalize their electronic catalogue with products and services of his choice, while being able to track all the information about inventory. Plus, the customer-business relationship will be highly improved now that sales and orders will be analysed properly and you can see each report separately.

Pepperi is flexible, its interface being easy to implement to every industry business. It also offers full visibility of customer information, while helping you to maximize sales and build trust. Addressing issues is a task that can now be easily handled with the help of the platform. Pepperi is also capable of accessing your data offline, so you won’t have to worry about connecting to internet each time you desire to view it.

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