What it takes to become a Full-Time Freelance Writer


Choosing to quit your day job and delve into becoming a full-time freelance writer is a daunting challenge for anyone. However, before you make that huge, life-changing leap, there are a few things you should consider first.

Make Sure You are Actually a Good Writer with Firm Comprehension of Grammar and Spelling

Most writers hear the same things, day in and day out, from the people they convey their careers to. “How easy.” “Anyone could do that.” Not true. Most people have a poor grasp of their spelling and grammar comprehension. And those same people think they are better writers than they actually are. Make sure you’re not one of those people. Submit free writing samples to multiple critics, review you’re grammatical and spelling skills, and brush up on your writing with a few local lessons at a community college. Do everything you can to ensure you are a shoe-in for your new career path.

Invest in Top-Grade Technologies, like Laptops and Desktop Computers

You can write on anything from anywhere, but freelance writers often begin with writing samples and internet content. This can progress multiple ways, but you need top-grade technologies to ensure smooth, clean writing with zero grammatical errors. You also want to make sure your laptop and desktop computer won’t tap out on you when you’re in the middle of a big article. Plus, it’s always nice to have an office space, with something like L shaped office desks, comfy comp chairs, and a touch lamp.

Create a Portfolio and Keep It Growing

Write samples, samples, and more samples. Write simply to write, about anything and everything. You can address current events, your interests and hobbies, products that you love—whatever. Just prove your writing and descriptive skills with a portfolio of samples that vary in size. And keep it growing. You should add a minimum of two new contents to your portfolio on a monthly basis. Why? To keep it fresh, modern, and current with your ever-improving writing skills.

Stick to Some Kind of Routine or Schedule

The draw to working from home as a full-time freelance writer is often staying in your pajamas, working whenever you want, and getting paid big time for writing whatever. Wrong again. Establishing a routine or schedule is the ONLY way to seriously become a full-time freelance writer. You have to be your own boss. But, like a boss, you have to be disciplined enough to know what needs to be done and get it done.

Choosing to freelance writer for a living is hard work. It comes with months of no pay, ups and downs in content, and loads of rejections that dot your progress. However, it can be done.

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