What is sales automation?


Sales automation is done with customisable software that serves as a sales tool used to streamline the sales cycle.

What is sales automation all about?

The goal of sales automation software is to create a reliable sales system. It allows you to do the following:

  • Stay focused on opportunities
  • Stay on top of the workload
  • Avoid making mistakes or losing potential sales
  • Decrease time spent on record-keeping and on other time-consuming routine tasks

How does Leadtrekker implement best practice for sales automation?

Automated lead capture and assignment

Leadtrekker has the ability to capture leads manually and sports a powerful remote API which is capable of capturing leads from multiple website sources automatically.

Leads captured by the Leadtrekker software are automatically assigned to specific sales representatives so that the lead is followed up on as soon as possible. This cuts out the middle man and saves time as clients do not need to contact a centralised person who would typically be responsible for assigning leads – the process takes place independently instead.

Evaluating the sales process

By making use of Leadtrekker’s dynamic and flexible reporting feature you can determine any inefficiencies that need to be addressed. The reporting made available by this lead management software also cuts down on time that would have been spent compiling reports. This time can then be spent nurturing leads – time is money after all!

Sales automation goals

Leadtrekker creates a comprehensive database of your leads so that you can visualise your sales goals and the automatic lead capture capabilities will increase the likelihood that these goals are reached.


Leads software allows for auto-responses in the form of email and SMS notifications that let the leads know their queries have been received and are being handled by a sales representative who will be in contact with them.

Sales forecasting

Leads software is also a user-friendly platform for users to monitor their sales pipeline and sales targets progression. Knowing where you need to go is invaluable to any business working with leads.

Sales automation tools

Leadtrekker includes Custom Field Reporting (CFR) which creates insightful reports on lead acquisition based on the source of the lead. This allows you to re-strategize in order to optimise your targeting for the future of your lead generation and capturing.

Sales automation can be used to rationalise and unify the lead capture process; try Leadtrekker for free!

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