What are the top 5 essential skills of a Receptionist?


Receptionist Jobs are the most popular jobs in the world; it’s one of the basic jobs that are crucially needed in any company. All companies must have receptionists and front desks employees, the demand for administrative professionals extend across form general to even small real states offices.

Receptionists have multiple responsibilities, often managing the front desk along with taking appointments and juggling incoming calls, record keeping, filing, office paperwork and generally keeping everything in order; they work continuously. If you’re interested in taking receptionists job as a career, you should read the most important skills you much obtain in order to be a perfect front desk\receptionist employee

Here are the 5 Main Skills every Receptionist must own:

  1. Professional manner & sophisticated communication skills.

The receptionist is the first person in contact with people within the business process; they are the ones responsible for greeting people politely in order to leave a good impression about the company, representing the primitive business appropriately is the main task. There is also another bunch of duties required from receptionists as well, like answering calls, replying emails and personally dealing with people in person, you are the one to receiving and deliver information, so be sure to pass the messages effectively.

  • Working in receptionist job positions luckily doesn’t require a specialized related degree and some might even grow extraordinary skills without the need of college degree, but of course writing and reading must be.
  • You can always check online job opportunities websites like Joblang.com in order to check the skills most companies ask for, if you’re interested you can also apply for a receptionist job, gaining such an experience will open another doors for you in future.
  1. Organizational Skills.

Of course, the first impression and person to be in contact with people you must have a high level of organizational skills, it is essential. They must be a multi-tasking person; they have to stay calm and efficient while balancing a lot of priorities, last minute changes and deadlines.

They always choose a tidy neat person, why? Because keeping the desk tidy and everything around organized is the crucial skill, you are the first impression of the company, make sure to leave a great good impression before you start the communicational phase.

  • If you’re eager to know more precisely details about the organizational skills asked for in a receptionist job position you can check Joblang.com for all the receptionist jobs submitted, and take notes about the most needed skills employers pay attention to.
  1. Technical Skills.

Technology is now an essential tool to be familiar with in any job positions, you can rarely find any job that wouldn’t use the help of technology even in the simplest roles. As a receptionist you must be aware of technology devices , for example , more than 50% of hotel reservations and even different industry appointments are being reserved online , when the client shows up you’ll need to take all their information and  save them on a computer device , that’s why it’s essential to be own a strong technical skills

 Some special processing skills are essential also, like word processing skills; they are a must and most reception roles familiarity with, like excel, desktop publishing, social media and specific- industry software.

  1. Adaptability.

Front desk employees and receptionists need a high capacity of adaptability, every day they meet new people (clients), business representatives and visitors, they have to adapt to every situation in their own circumstances. The main part in having a powerful adaptability skill is to act fast in any sudden situation and using your initiative to quickly solve problems if something goes out of track.

  • Every company asks for a special adaptability skills, why? Because it all depends on the industry and major the company is specialized in.
  • Some companies only ask for female receptionists, like gynecology clinics.
  • Always read the full required skills and special terms submitted with the job position, if you feel comfortable in working with females only you can check female receptionists job summited on Joblang.
  1. Tolerance and patience.

Good receptionists must be patience, some visitors and clients can sometimes be annoying and some clients cause chaos if they wait for an extra minute. it is a must have quality skill in the front desk positions , a great level of patience and tolerance is required , they must always maintain calm and cool no matter how irate the visitor may be , having a good level of tolerance will surely calm the situation down .

  • If you have a great level of tolerance and patience especially in critical situation then you are surely an eligible person for this job.
  • You should check different regions job vacancies posts, like receptionists jobs in the UK and in the US , why ?because every region has its own regulations and some special skills which needs to be obtain , like in the United Kingdom , receptionists jobs in the United States of America can start at the age of 16 , but in other regions the minimum age rate allowed for receptionists is 18 years and above .

Being a receptionist is hard job which require a lot of skills, some are easy and some are critical. Reception jobs in not a long-term job career paths, only few companies can make reception role grows into a public relations job position for example. It’s a good primitive job to start with when you’re still studying in university, gaining so many wonderful skills is a great boost for you for your ling term future career .

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