Use your email to reach out potential clients


As a business owner, you probably use your email to reach out potential clients. But have you considered what can be done with traditional mail services? Direct mail, or the process of sending a letter with the intention of making a sale or generating a lead, is a tried-and-true method that businesses have used for decades. Here are a few things you should know to utilize it to its maximum potential.

  1. Visual presentation matters.

When someone opens a letter from you, the look and feel of the letter will make a difference. Use high-quality paper or stationary that feels good to the touch, and make sure that your

Letter has a unique style. Include your logo, and don’t be afraid of colors.

  1. Explain who and what you are fast.

Direct mail can often be mistaken for junk mail, which means you have only a few seconds to explain why the reader is receiving this letter. Use this time wisely and don’t waste it on cheesy taglines. Including brief but efficient explanation of why you are sending a letter and what the reader can get from it.

  1. Tell the truth.

Too much marketing these days relies on hyperbole and exaggerated offers. Tell the truth in your letter. Don’t promise services bet you cannot deliver on? This way, when a reader decides to purchase from you or use your services, they receive exactly what they expected to receive.

  1. Personalize your letter.

This means more than just putting the name of the person you were mailing it to on the front, but that is an important step. Appeal directly to the needs of the customer. Solve a problem.

If you need a private mailbox to send these letters from, there’re many options in the New York area. Better yet, the companies that provide the services also provide other services like apostille in NYC. Make full use of the company’s services to get the most bang for your buck.


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