Things To Consider in Choosing Your Printer and Service Provider


Despite everything being online nowadays, we can’t deny the fact that prints will never cease to exist – mainly because not everything digital is good enough. When it comes to businesses, printed materials are not only for promotions and advertisement. It is also very vital when it comes to documentation.

So how can you choose the best printer and service provider for your business? There are things to consider, such as the following:




How much are you willing to pay for the printer you’re going to purchase for your business? Your printer and service provider should be able to offer recommendations based on your printing needs while in the range of your budget. Also, check on the cartridge cost on their website and other retailers.




If all your business needs pure printing, then it only makes sense to buy one that is a single-function printer. However, if you need a series of tasks to be accomplished such as printing, scanning, copying, faxing and even emails, you’ll need a multifunctional one that is an all-in-one printer. There is no need to waste money and space on separate machines if one equipment is capable of doing it all.




How fast do you need your documents to be printed? The speed of your printer will determine the number of output you can produce per minute. Most offices settle for 20 to 40 pages written per minute, and these are already enough for their needs. For bigger business, however, you might have to settle for speed faster than 40 pages per minute.


Network ability


Getting your company the best printer and service provider who offers advance business services is vital if you want to get ahead of the crowd. Are they able to provide network services such as recommendation, installation, and reconfiguration? If multiple
numbers of employees are to use a single printer, do they offer Ethernet and wireless networkability? If the answer is yes, then you got yourself a great future partner for your printing needs.


Warranties and additional offers


What guarantees come with the products? These sets a company apart from other providers. The more extended warranty offered, the better. Also, ask for additional offers such as maintenance plans.




Is the printer and service provider a credible retailer and an authorized dealer of the products they are selling?


Customer Service


Are you able to reach them in case anything happens to your printer? Are they able to provide fast solutions to problems? Are their technicians knowledgeable and experienced enough? An excellent way to test the company is by checking in with them every once in a while. Assess how much time it takes for them to receive or return your calls if unanswered, as well as your emails. The customer service is very important as it can make or break your decision and confidence in the company.

The most expensive ones are not always the perfect choice, and the sleekest printers will not still be the right one. When it comes to your business’ printing needs, don’t settle for less when you deserve the best.


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