The Top Three Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Creating Packaging for Your Product


Packaging is more than just a container for your product – it’s a way for customers to experience your product, not only through taste and smell, but also through touch, sound, and sight. It’s the whole package, pun intended. It’s crucial for you to understand these details so you can create packaging for your product based on what it’s for, who will use it, how it will be used, and even whether or not it will actually be bought. It’s a lengthy process, but you can begin with a most crucial step. Here are the top three questions you should ask yourself before creating packaging for your product.

Your top questions

Before you begin coming up with a packaging design for your product, you have to ask yourself some important questions.  The three essential questions would be: what exactly is your product, who will buy your product, and how will your customers buy your product?

  • What exactly is your product?

When it comes to what your product is, take a look at your product with new eyes and assess it in terms of physical aspect, value, and use. What exactly are you planning to sell? What is its size? What is it comprised of in terms of materials? By asking and answering these questions, you should be able to determine the logistical requirements of your product in terms of packaging. For instance, if you have a delicate or fragile product, its packaging needs to be sturdier and more secure. If you have a large or ungainly, awkwardly-shaped product, you may need bespoke packaging rather than generic packaging as well.

  • Who will purchase your product?

Answering the second question properly is of equal importance. Is your product designed for men, or is it for women? Can it be used by both? Is your product designed for children? Are you keen on marketing your product to health-conscious customers or environmentally-conscious customers? Is your product for those with a certain set budget or income or is it for those who have a lot of disposable income? Before you begin designing the packaging, make sure to know your target market first.

  • How will your customers purchase your product?

The way your customers will purchase your product also makes a difference. Will it be bought from a supermarket, or will it be bought online? Is it for a small shop? The way you think about packaging will change depending on how your product will be purchased because you have to think about shipping if your product is sold on the Internet and you have to think about attractiveness over competitors if your product is sold on a supermarket shelf.

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