Reasons you Might be Having Phone and Broadband Problems


Phone and Broadband problems can be on the most frustrating ones for anybody, as it is highly likely that you use both of these quite regularly at home. No service provider will be free of fault and you might have either already faced such a problem, or you might in the future. Either way, it is better to be prepared in identifying any problem with phone or broadband that you might have. So, mentioned below are a few pointers to help you achieve that:

  • Checking telephone extensions or wire changes

If you have recently added any telephone extensions than it might be a good idea to check if they are in order. These leads can have interferences and resistance that can lower speeds. To negate that, it is better to install wires that are short and high in quality. You should also check for damages and untangle any wires that might have jumbled up.

  • Removing any new electrical device

It is important that you keep your router far away from any electrical device that can interfere with and affect the router. These can include TVs, computer monitors, AC power cords, stereo or other speakers and others. Thus, if you have recently placed any such component near the router, it is best that you move it to a different place.

  • Ensuring operation of microfilters

Microfilters are those little white boxes and are important instruments in separating the phone and broadband signals and in stopping them from interfering with each other. So, it is advised that they are properly plugged into each of their specific socket.



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