Outplacement, A Way to Build Your Firm’s Image


Everyone understands that sometimes companies need to downsize. However, how you deal with your redundant employees is what sets you apart as a firm as well as establishes your image in the corporate world.

One way to ensure that your ex-employees, as well as your current workers, are satisfied is by investing in an outplacement services company. When choosing such services, here are some of the thing you should look out for:


Outplacement services cost might take a chunk out of your profits. Most outplacement companies charge a retainer fee for their long-term services.

Before you say yes to this proposition and start making payments regularly, it is integral for you to analyze whether such a long-term investment is yielding you any benefits regarding employee placements and high satisfaction rates.

Moreover, always avoid outplacement services which have term limits, which involves curtailing of the service to a given employee if he/she fails to get a job in a given amount of time. Such limits make an investment in outplacement pointless and a mere burden on your financials.

Integration to Technology

An outplacement services company needs to be in-touch and up to date with technology, if you wish to provide a holistic package to your ex-employees. In this age, everything happens virtually.

An outplacement company that cannot find jobs from the online pool and can facilitate employees over Skype meeting, is bound to miss opportunities.

Personalization of service

An outplacement services company needs to realize that each individual is different from the other. This means that his/her needs and requirements will differ as well.

Therefore, a personalized service is necessary. You need to pick a company which is able to adapt its plan of action as per the employee concerned. A company which succeeds in doing so will be able to better deliver its customers with what they require.


All in all, the decision of choosing the best outplacement service is a tough one. The fact that your employee satisfaction rate and corporate image depends on it raises the stakes to an even greater extent.

Make sure you provide your ex-employees with the best outplacement services. They served your company and hence deserve being taken care of. Don’t let them down by investing in a firm which fails to keep up with the changing dynamics of the job market.

Be wise.

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