NPS score tool increases efficiency of business operations

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Business management tools available online can make a real difference to the way you manage your business and increase the efficiency of operations. Net Promoter Score commonly known as NPS is a specialized management too that is used by businesses for measuring the customer loyalty. It uses the basic premise of sending out surveys to the customers where they need to rate the company on a scale of 1 to 10. Other common questions such as the likelihood of recommending their services to friends and acquaintance or a colleague constitute of these survey forms.

There’s so much that you can do collate data from customers and prospects, job applicants, online survey participants, and other niche segments using eye-catching forms. In order to use the tool one merely needs to create a customized form with questions pertaining to the services or products of the company. The moment you receive the answers from the users, you need to subtract the percentage of detractors which basically comprises of the people that gave a rating 6 or lower. The subtraction needs to be made from the promoters who rated the company 9 and above.

NPS score is one versatile business management tool that entrepreneurs, MNCs, and small time businesses can exploit to the hilt for reviewing and gauging customer loyalty. This tool is incredibly apps and user-friendly letting you determine scores quickly and effectively and that too in real-time!    

Irrespective of whether you are desirous of expanding your clientele base, sign up patrons for a business or social event or update existing customers about your promotional offers, you’ll always find the relevant questionnaire or form. Take a test drive on its eminently navigable site and you’ll pass through ‘registration forms’, ‘lead generation forms’, sign up sheets’, ‘patient registration forms’, ‘delivery forms’, ‘photography booking forms’, ‘cake order forms’, and ‘online donation forms’. Of course, you’ll have more forms to sample while you are driving through-‘trivia quiz’, ‘geography quizzes’, ‘science quizzes’, ‘avator creators’, and ‘funny polls’.

If you have an educational website, you can divert relevant traffic your way by using creative quiz and test. Make learning fun for your site’s users without being flippant. Take advantage of the developer tools and APIs when it comes to changing the template themes, tagging fresh images to your account, salvaging, updating or deleting form submissions or incorporating the forms with your site.

Typeform for instance leverages on the potentials of NPS score tool and acts as a gigantic departmental store or supermarket. If you probe a little deeper and take advantage of the features this portal has to offer, you’ll surely feel the humanistic touch. The forms are sure to keep your target traffic’s attention riveted, thanks to their unmistakable appeal typified by their visual and textual resourcefulness rendering them compliable for opening on any handheld or tabletop digital device. You’ll have full leeway with respect to choosing your preferable colors and fonts, adding GIFs, footages or still images, and setting up alerts or notifications.

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