Little Secrets of Students


Students’ life offers you a lot of opportunities to study and have fun. How to do everything you can? There are some little secrets of students’ life.

Big and Little Opportunities of Students’ Life

Each period of our life gives us a lot of opportunities to do something that we will not be able to do later. Nowadays, there is even a very popular expression: “Live right now, the next moment will not give you the same opportunity.” While being a student, you have as many opportunities as possible to fulfill your desires, that is why students’ life is considered to be the most colorful and joyous time.

When you become a student, you do not know what is waiting for you and which adventure you will experience. Of course, you heard about the main issues of it from older people, but there aren’t the same destinies. In this article, you can read the main secrets of students’ life, from the biggest to the smallest, which you can hear from anyone and which are usually kept in silence. You will also learn about the things, which each student must do and which are forbidden. So if you are interested in this topic and you want to have an unforgettable students’ life, let us read it!

Opportunity to Study

Don’t be astonished – studying can also be funny. In the university, you can choose your subjects according to your concerns. If you make a right decision, you will enjoy classes. That is the point – when you learn something interesting, it gives you a pleasure to know something new, to do your own research and obtain more and more knowledge. But what can you do with compulsory subjects?

In this category, there are some secrets about escaping boring compulsory classes and dedicating more time to interesting occupations. Firstly, you can become a member of the Students’ Government. You will be able to fulfill your ideas there and, at the same time, it will give you the opportunity to miss some classes (you will get the official release from the class). Secondly, you can start a research work on a topic, which is interesting to you. Obviously, you will need some extra time to do your exploration and to look for scientific information – your supervisor has the right and authority to free you from some classes.

Opportunity to Make Your Projects Real

That is also the very important chance, which is available during the university life. All the educational establishments are interested in achievements of their students, so they provide students with help. To get the sponsorship from your university, you need to present your project to the administration of it (or to the Students’ Government). However, this project must be accomplished because the educational establishment will not do everything instead of you.

The secret of achieving a good support from the university is very simple – before going to the administration, you need to present your project to the Students’ Government. They don’t make any decision without professors and don’t give them bad projects. So if your idea is good, the members of the Students’ Government will show it to the administration – it gives you a kind of patronage of the other students. If your idea is bad, the members of the Students’ Government will bring it back to you – the administration will not see your half-backed project and students will point you to mistakes.

Opportunity to Get Acquainted with Famous People

There are always a lot of scientific seminars with savants, lectures of successful people, and meetings with celebrities. You can visit all of them, even if they are paid, because students have a right to go to different events, which are useful for the development of the personality.

But you can also do a little more than just sit on the meetings. If you are a member of the Students’ Government or just an active student, you can become an organizer of such events. You can become a volunteer and it will give you an opportunity to meet a famous person and to get to know him or her more closely. You will have a time to speak to him or her – maybe, he or she can become interested in you and your professional potential and provide you with support in the future.

Opportunity to Have Fun

Now we are at the most interesting point, aren’t we? Having fun is exactly what every student expects. You live without parents, without control, with a lot of free time (not always, if to be truthful), in a big city with a lot of distractions. It seems like there can’t be any special secrets – visit all of them and have fun. Yes, it’s not difficult to use this opportunity.

But still you can get more chances to amuse, if you use little tricks. To begin with, you can visit museums and exhibitions for free (without even paying the discount for students), if you do research on the topic connected with the subject of the expositions in the museums. As most of the museums contain a lot of topics, you can visit almost every one. After cultural entertainments we can place food. Many cafes have special offers for students, but they don’t show them (that is why you don’t know about them). All you need to do is to ask whether they have a student’s food tariff. There are also a lot of cafeterias for students, but they aren’t a secret.

“Adult” Entertainment

If to speak about night entertainment, you can face some difficulties – some clubs don’t allow students to come in, because they can cause problems. We cannot influence it, but if you are lucky to get inside, don’t lose the opportunity. There are, firstly, discounts for big companies. It means that you can order 5 cocktails and get 2 for free. Secondly, nightclubs have a discount for students, if they drink low-alcohol beverages. This information isn’t widely known, because young people don’t want to drink such beverages (they look for something harder) and club owners aren’t interested in stopping it. You can find this offer for students in the end of the menu cart in small letters and, as usual, near soft drinks. If you are forced to skip going to a night club with your friends because of an overnight essay writing, you should better order a paper with

Having Fun in a Dorm

If you live in a dorm, you have a very good opportunity to have fun without leaving a house. There aren’t any special secrets, because you are free in your room – no control. When you want to invite someone, who does not live in this dorm, there can be a problem with it. This issue can be solved in your particular dorm, because the rules are not the same.

Of course, not all the secrets of students’ life are in this article – you can read here the most common ones. There are some specialties in each university and each city, so you need to speak with older students to know everything that can be useful for you!

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