How to Push Your Team to Take Risks and Experiment


The most successful managers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs understand the importance of making sure that their employees are as motivated as humanly possible to be, experimental, and full of initiative.

These are the kinds of employees that usually make or break success in the world of business today.

At the same time, business leaders may not be doing absolutely everything they can to push their team to take risks, to experiment, and to try and generate new solutions all on their own – giving them responsibility, opening up a tremendous amount of freedom, and not blowing a top when failure inevitably comes before incredible success.

If you’re hoping to find ways to better improve morale in your company, to open up creativity and encourage risk-taking, here are some tips and tricks to help you do exactly that.

Encourage employees to think outside the box

You need to create the kind of culture in your business that really celebrates thinking outside the box, blowing off the status quo, and finding new ways and creative solutions to solve problems and improve lives.

Divergent thinking, challenging all ingrained assumptions, and having regular brainstorming meetings focused around creative problem-solving will all go a long way towards creating the kinds of employees that you are looking for.

Hold folks responsible for their own tests

This may seem counterintuitive to opening up a lot of freedom and risk-taking potential, but believe it or not when you open up the opportunity for success – and tell folks that they are going to be responsible for their tests – you’re going to get a lot more people plowing forward with their ideas hoping to create something truly special, especially if you don’t come down with a hammer should they meet with failure.

Responsibility – especially individual responsibility – really hooks employees to their everyday work, their tasks, and the projects that they are working on. This sense of responsibility will cause them to be more deliberate in their action, and that’s only going to improve results across the board.

Normalize failure as much as you are able to

Even the best hitters in baseball history, true Hall of Famers, only hit the ball about three out of 10 times – which means they failed seven out of 10 times.

And these are men in the Hall of Fame!

Failure is normal, failure is to be expected, and failure is definitely going to be met when you are building a business and hoping to push your team to take more risks, to be more innovative, and to think more creatively.

This doesn’t mean at all that you encourage failure or that you do not learn from each and every failure, but it does mean that you normalize the fact that failure is likely to occur rather than scaring off innovation just because things may not turn out the way that folks hoped.

Even the best laid plans and strategies tend to go all over the place when the rubber meets the road. Expect and anticipate these kinds of failures, but normalize this kind of behavior as much as possible to make sure that your team isn’t ever too scared to press forward.

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