How to become the best hire freelancer


Working from home or from a coffee shop with a hot drink and earning 50 euros per hour is no longer just a dream. In recent years, the freelance job industry has exploded, and more and more people are taking this easy and profitable way to work.

If asked, any freelancer will tell you that he is very happy to have replaced the 9:00 – 18:00 work schedule with a much more flexible timetable in which he has time for his personal life as well. As a freelancer, you work when you want and for who you want, as long as you deliver the projects on the set date. More and more freelance jobs are paid well. You can check out Find Freelance Jobs – QuiGig to see the best jobs in the industry.

Research says that by 2020, 40% of all jobs will be made by freelancers. Check out more news here.

How to start a freelancer career?

With a little more confidence and minimal training in areas looking for freelancers, anyone can work on their own. On freelance platforms, there are plenty of places and jobs for everyone. To succeed, follow the tested strategies that will lead you to extraordinary jobs.

The personal profile is the most important. Invest more time at the beginning to arrange your profile. This will count in the future. The profile is the key issue on freelance websites for exhibiting your skills and experience. Update it and improve it regularly.

Put effort on every offer. Every application for a job is a reworking of one’s own story. You will never be successful if you send generic offers to your customers. Adapt your addressing to the requirements of each project and convince your client that you are the most suitable person for this work.

Build your own brand. Your reputation will depend on your status and the price of your time of work. Reputation also depends on how good communication with customers is, how good the pieces are and what your portfolio looks like. To begin with, also accepts poorly paid jobs. At the end of each task, more than the status of your account, the review that will appear next to your name will count.

Be patient! Be confident! After the first job, the second one will be much easier, and the next will come easy. Therefore, do not give up after you have been denied the first 50 applications, because you only need one of them.

Choose your jobs, but not by price. Choose them according to how well you can do them. You will easily induce your client to be experienced in a particular field, but your result will tell the truth. A bad piece may compromise your long-term reputation.

Always respect the accepted terms. Even if your task appears to be more complicated than mentioned, try to complete it on time, even if it means a sleepless night or hiring other people. On the freelance site, you are actually the product you sell, and if you want a long-term commitment, you will only have to offer top services.




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