How School ID Cards Differ From Corporate Ones


In today’s world of material theft and cyber-crime, every organization must safeguard its resources by using security systems and surveillance. To implement this, we need identity documents and ID card printing.

ID card printing has become an integral aspect of every professional organization. All government offices, business houses, retail and departmental stores, hospitals and educational institutions use ID card printing. However, each ID card used in these workplaces differs from the others due to its functionality and purpose.

How Do School ID Cards Vary From Corporate ID Cards?

School ID cards are a lot different from corporate ID cards. Let us see how.

1. Purpose

While both School and Corporate ID card printing serve the purpose of security identification, these cards may serve other purposes too.

The School ID card not only identifies the student and the class he/she belongs to, but can also be used as an authentication badge. Yes, the student can use it as a bonafide certificate while representing the school elsewhere in competitions.

Apart from this, in countries like the US, the school ID card is a means of granting access to the use of the photocopier at school. It is also used a credit card at school cafeterias, gyms, and retail stores as well as on school transport. Credit is loaded on the ID card every month and the expenses incurred by the student by use of the school facilities are deducted from it.

In contrast. the corporate ID card is a means of not only security identification of the employees but also a means of monitoring his/her work timings. Yes, using a  smart chip, bar code, RFID tag, or magnetic stripe embedded in the ID card, the time-in and time-out of each employee are recorded. This is of much use in offices and industries where attendance, late hours and overtime have a bearing on the salary paid. ID card printing is thus used to enforce discipline and punctuality among employees.

Using this smart technology, employee or corporate ID cards are used to restrict /permit access to privileged areas within the office premises to certain staff members. This ensures confidentiality and total privacy of its classified information.

2. Details

School ID cards also differ from the Employee ID cards and accessories in the details mentioned on them.

The School ID card bears the name and class of the student along with the school name, logo and address. In most cases, the student’s personal address is not divulged on the card for safety reasons. Some schools print the school mascot on the card to nurture the school spirit.

Much like name badges, a Corporate ID card bears the company, name, address, and logo. In addition, it carries the employee name, employee ID, designation, and department. On the back of the card, the employee’s contact details are printed along with his signature. This is to help communication with the employee’s family in case of any accidents or mishaps. For this reason, offices also print the employee’s blood group on the card.

3. Usage

The Corporate ID card and accessories have to be worn or borne by the employee on his person during all his work times. The employee cannot even step inside the office without his ID card. Thus, the Corporate ID card is mandatory at all times during office hours. For these reasons, the Corporate ID card must be designed and made of durable material to last for several years.

in contrast, the student must carry his/her school ID card every day but it is not totally compulsory. the student is let inside the school If he/ she is wearing the uniform. Only, some schools enforce strict discipline and fine students for not carrying the school ID card. 

However, the student must carry the School ID card to all important school functions and while representing the school elsewhere. Since the School ID card is not used every day, they are made to suit the budget on an economical scale. School ID cards are printed once every 3 years at least and since the student grows and his or her physical appearance changes with age.

Whatever be the nature or usage of the ID card, ID card printing is universal and mandatory for all professional organizations and institutions. They are an absolute necessity, so whether you are a student or an employee, don’t forget to wear yours!

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