How Old Do You Have to Be to become a Bartender In Texas?


The age requirements for a career in bartending vary by state, but Texas is one of the most flexible in the nation. What is more important in this state is having the accurate knowledge to do your job well and stay in compliance with all alcohol server laws in place. Your employer has to go through a great deal to obtain a TABC liquor license and wants to hire employees that will follow the guidelines necessary to retain the ability to sell alcohol to the public.

Age Varies By State Laws

Each state has the ability to establish the age that is acceptable to serve alcoholic beverages to the public. The state of Texas allows bartenders as young as eighteen, with proper education and training. There are some states that require the server to be 21 years of age. Texas has proven to be more flexible with this type of occupation.

Bartending School

Being a good bartender means knowing how to make specific drinks. This takes some specialized training. Bartending school classes are only a few weeks long and relatively inexpensive. It will give you the proper foundation to be successful and make customers happy.

Alcohol Awareness Classes

Knowing how to mix exotic drinks is essential, but even more important is knowing the affects that alcohol has on customers. You need to be able to judge quickly whether someone has had too much to drink and refuse service. You have to develop the skill to know when to cut a customer off, to avoid having an overly-intoxicated person in your establishment.

Social Personalities Work Best

No matter the age of the bartender, a social-oriented person that has a wide knowledge base over a variety of subjects will do best in this occupation. You will meet a wide array of people from all walks of life and circumstances. There are times you will feel part cheerleader and part therapist.

Awareness of Your Surroundings Is Essential

You need to be able to multi-task as a bartender. You have to balance keeping the drinks and revenue flowing, along with making sure that no one is going over the edge into an over-intoxicated state. It is a big responsibility that requires close monitoring and developing a knack for understanding the visual signs of alcohol impairment.

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