Gregory Fishman Florida: Debt Collection Made Humane

Drowning in debt and keeping your financial head above water represented by a piggy bank pink pig sinking in blue water as a symbol of urgent business and money management failure and defeat.

Resolvly is a debt collection company that emphasizes the human element of debt collection. Gregory Fishman, the founder, and CEO of the company comes from a humble background, so he understands how challenging debt payment can be. Putting himself in his parents’ shoes has allowed him to impact the lives of many positively. Resolvly does not only help people pay their debts but the fear that comes with it as well.

Beginning of Career

Gregory Fishman Boca Raton Florida began his career at the age of 19, working as the National Director of sales for a chemical manufacturing company. One year down the line, he was made the vice president of the company thanks to his hard work and dedication. Gregory dedicated 28 years of his life to this company, ensuring it achieves greater success each year.

For the final eight years at the chemical manufacturing company, he was the owner of the company, having purchased it from the owner, Art Saltz. Fishman later sold the company as he wanted to venture into something else. He and his three kids relocated to Florida, where he found another opportunity as a manager at a car dealership. The single father of three managed to make the dealership the number one in sales nationwide. 

Founding Resolvly

Gregory Fishman made acquaintances who suggested he would be good at helping people resolve their debts. After careful, though, Gregory decided to pursue this since he has seen the many bad things that happened to people with debts. Many professionals in the industry watched as people’s money went to the wrong places. Gregory went to financial analyst school and obtained his series seven licenses. He then found an opportunity at GHS solutions, a debt relief company where he impacted the lives of many people.

Seeing the good work he was doing, Gregory decided that he wanted to do more for the Florida community. This was only possible if he had his own debt relief company. He wanted to start a humane debt relief company that treated people with respect and understood the struggles of each client.

Opened Resolvly in Boca Raton in 2014

In 2014, Gregory successfully opened Resolvly in Boca Raton, Florida. During an interview, Gregory revealed that he had been thinking about what he wanted the company to stand for five years before it had been founded. Resolvly has been open for four years now, and over the years Gregory Fishman Florida is satisfied with the positive work the company does. He and his team go over every detail to ensure no client’s money goes to the wrong place. He has created a business that offers trusted financial help and assistance with debt resolution.

Personal Life

Gregory Fishman Boca Raton Florida says he wakes at five a.m every morning and gets coffee while he watches the news like any ordinary working citizen. He says that he does a lot of mediation before going to the gym. Gregory also has a dog-Rhodesian Ridgeback- that he walks every morning. On his way to the office, he stops over at a bakery to get his staff cookies and coffee. He is a relateable boss who works hand in hand with his employees to ensure every client is treated with the respect they deserve. Over the weekend, Gregory and his girlfriend volunteer to help people struggling with addiction and have no safe place to go. Gregory is a hardworking man who also finds time to spend with family and give back to the community.


Resolvly was founded to ease peoples debts humanely as well as the fear that comes with it. Many people have suffered in the hands of debt collection companies that claimed to know what they are doing. Gregory Fishman Florida ensures that every client is treated with the respect they deserve.

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