Environmentally Friendly Marketing Giveaways – Reusable Tote Bags


Every morning we wake up to some new social issue or an environmental challenge. Most of these have always been concerned about such situations which will not just affect a person or a family but the entire city, country or even the whole world as such.

This mandates us to be environmentally conscious in our personal lives and the same responsibility is expected from the government, organization and businesses. Take a first step towards this and use promotional reusable shopping bags.

Benefits of using reusable customized tote bags for your business promotion

In today’s article, let me tell you why it is important to use an environmentally friendly promotional item like a reusable tote bag and how it makes a great impression on your clients and what advantages it renders to this earth and to your business nevertheless.

You can get your reusable tote bags customized as per your needs and in accordance to the theme of your brand by Custom Earth Promos. Check out their website that has listed all its design and every detail that you should know about it. The shop section of the website lets you place your custom orders online.

  • Reusable – As per its name, these bags are sturdy and fit to be used for so many times, unlike the environmentally harmful plastic bags that are fit to be used only a few times and over a short duration of time compared to a reusable bag.
  • Biodegradable – The reusable totes and bags, apart from being reusable, are decomposable as well. This means that they are made out of natural material like cotton, jute etc. that are durable yet when their life span ends, you can simply toss on the ground and the earth will decompose these.
  • Safe for animals – Did you know the fact that lots and lots of animals that are affected due to these plastic bags and many ways, apart from the obvious drawback of the plastic bags being non-biodegradable.

There are many animals that ingest this polythene mistaking it for food as they are colorful, light weighted and flutters in the air and in the water. Some innocent predatory animals that feed on small insects etc. think that it’s a pray and they intake these polythene bags. Sometimes this becomes fateful or at times highly harmful.

  • Plastic bags affect aquatic ecosystems – Most of the time, especially in some of the developing countries where waste disposal and plastic recycling is still not regulated, polytene bags gets carried away into the aquatic bodies and it harms the aquatic ecosystems, like the coral reefs etc.

These are few reasons why choosing a reusable tote as a promotional product for your business will be good for you and reflect your concern for the environment and for our earth.

A reusable environment friendly bag with your business name and logo on it created a very positive impression on the minds of your targeted customers right away.

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