Electrical Power Systems Experts in Canada


Whether is is in our homes or places of work, electricity is very essential in our lives today. In fact, most industries rely on electricity as their main source of energy. However, electricity can be very dangerous at times, especially when electrical systems are not installed properly or are mishandled. Luckily, there are companies that have specialized in offering a range of electrical installation, testing, repair, inspection and maintenance services for different power systems and electrical components to help ensure optimal safety, and effective operations.

Services Offered by Electrical Power Systems Experts in Canada

If you are in Canada and you are in need of electrical power system installation, testing repair or maintenance, you will find companies that have specialized in these services. Their condition-based service strategies are not only meant to meet your budgetary needs, but also increase safety for employees, the plant, and your equipment. These companies have well-trained and trustworthy technicians and engineers who are equipped with state of the art technologies, which enable them to offer the best electrical engineering and field services. Some of the services they offer include:

  1. Electrical Engineering Services

These companies are known to offer a variety of electrical engineering services, including electrical equipment upgrading and modification, electrical power quality and harmonic analysis, electrical engineering and power transformer fluid analysis, as well as electrical arc flash solutions. Moreover, these companies also offer comprehensive arc flash studies where they train clients on:

  1. a) Arc flash hazard analysis
  2. b) Arc flash hazard labeling plans
  3. c) Site review and compliance assessment
  4. d) Mitigation services
  5. e) Single-line diagrams
  6. f) Short circuit and coordination studies
  7. g) Preventative maintenance
  8. h) Electrical safety program review and development.
  9. i) Personal protective equipment plans, and
  10. j) Documentation.

Their arc flash studies help to reduce arc flash hazards, which are known to have very devastating effects.

  1. Transmission and Distribution Services

These companies also offer a large portfolio of low, high, and medium voltage electrical services, which are needed to ensure you have a safe and reliable power system. Their aim is to provide customers with continuity throughout the power system’s service requirements. Furthermore, they are staffed with highly skilled and certified electrical technicians and engineers who use the best test equipment to ensure comprehensive analysis, optimization and that your power system operates efficiently.

  1. Infrared and Corona Electrical Scanning

These experts are known to use advanced infrared and corona electrical scanning technologies, which enable them to provide quick and accurate electrical fault detection. They also use thermal cameras for infrared fugitive emission detection to pinpoint gas and chemical compound leaks. These advanced technologies play a very critical role in determining the exact condition of your electrical equipment.

  1. Power Cable Termination and Testing

These specialists can also provide you with high, low or medium voltage cable terminating and splicing services. They have the skills and tools to handle tasks, such as cutting cables to their proper length, re-jacketing of the exposed shielded portion, as well as the installation of termination kits, lugs, shield grounding, skirts on Class-1 terminations, as well as trifurcation boots, where required. They can provide you with the best testing and fault location services.

Furthermore, these experts always strive to adhere to high standards of safety, in order to avert health, safety and environmental hazards. Their services are prompt, accurate and very efficient, and they are usually accompanied by excellent customer service. Whether you are in need of arc flash studies, or you are looking for the best suppliers of engineering and field services, these companies can help.

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