Detailed study on GEM


The Global entrepreneurship movement is very good at studying the activity of individual with regards of starting and managing a business. One very good feature of the GEM is that they view entrepreneurship as a process and they also consider each individual in the activities of entrepreneurship in various phases from the early stage of a business.GEM also provides a method by which many things can be studied. The innovativeness, competitiveness and high growth aspirations of an individual is studied systematically and rigorously studies through the Global entrepreneurship movement. Let us see what the Global entrepreneurship movement is actually is.

What are the entrepreneurial attitudes?

In the present day the jam @ GEM is a very new concept. It was known that the surveys conducted during 2008 by the global entrepreneurship movement were mostly done in the month of May and June. It was the time when the economic crisis was much more apparent and it was before the actual impact of this crisis. There was urgency to build up a new business in that year. There was an urgency to venture into the unknown. But the business class did not affect the perceived skills and knowledge of starting a new business. The GEM generally focuses on three things such as

The global entrepreneurship movement measures the various differences that many countries have regarding the level of entrepreneurial activity.

The GEM also has the motive to uncover those factors that determine the national levels of the activities of entrepreneurship.

Another motive of the Global entrepreneurship movement is to identify the different policies that will increase the national level of the entrepreneurial activity.

Role of GEM

The main focus of the Global entrepreneurship move is to take comprehensive and innovative approaches and also to consider the level of involvement of companies in the entrepreneurial activities within a country. This is mainly done by GEM through identification of various kinds and phases of entrepreneurship. The Global entrepreneurship movement is a very well thought of organization which is important for the improvement of the world’s economy and business.

History of GEM

Michael Hay and Bill By grave discover the Global entrepreneurship monitor in the year of 1997. They also issued a study of that was a prototype which was funded by the London business school and Babson college. It was in the year 1999 that the first GEM global study was conducted. It was done by a group of ten nations where Paul Reynolds was the Principal Investigator. After that the Global entrepreneurship movement has grown into a large family which now consists of sixty four national teams. The Global entrepreneurship research association which is also known as the GERA is a non for profit organization that is governed by the representatives of the national team, the funding institutions that is the London business school and Babson college and also by the sponsoring institutions. In the year of 2004 the London business school and Babson College did the task of transferring the intellectual capital of GEM to this GERA.

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