Common Heating and Cooling Problems at Home


With Winter done and dusted and Spring finding it’s feet the weather is resting nicely between too cold and too hot. But we all know that is about to change, and change fast. When Summer hits, it hits like a tonne of bricks. That’s when we will all be turning to our home air conditioners to offer some respite from the gruelling Australian Summer. While the weather is bearable is the perfect time to check your home air conditioners to make sure your not stranded in a house that feels like the Sahara. That’s why we’ve put togther this list of common heating (and cooling) problems you may encounter and how to solve them. This way you’ll have your home air conditioners running smooth all Summer long. These tips will do you well when the seasons turn and you need to change heat up rather than cool down, so keep that in mind.

Problem 1: My home air conditioners won’t start. What do I do?

Your home air conditioners remote may need new batteries

It sounds simple but having flat batteries in your systems remote is a very common issue. A lot of people assume it is their home air conditioners that are broken rather than thinking to replace the cheap battery in their remote. If you’re having trouble, check your remote batteries before asking for help from your system provider.

Check the power going to your system

It sounds even simpler than the previous solution but make sure to check that the system have power going to it (is it plugged in, essentially). You’ll want to start with your home’s switchboard and keep that the breaker responsible for your home air conditioners power is switched on. If it is and there is still no power to the system you’ll want to check the wiring. Sometimes nature can play a part such as an animal getting in to the system and damaging the wiring. Check any wiring going to and from your system, both indoors and out, for damage. IF there is damage, you’ll want to get in touch with your local quality air conditioning technician.

Problem 2: My home air conditioners seem to be on, but they’re not doing anything. won’t start. Where is my hot and cold air?

Your system has blocked and/or dirty filters

Filters are an integral part of your home air conditioners system effecting both the performing and overall output of the system. Filters filter out dust and debris can become clogged up over time. The clogged up filters end up blocking air flow through the system which results in little to no conditioning air passing through into the room. The blocked filters can also increase running costs as the system trys harder to push air through.

The filters are generally very easy to clean. They are located on the indoor unit of your home air conditioning systems. You access the filters by opening the cover on the front and removing the filters contained within. Take the filters outside and dust them off to remove all dust and debris. It should be a quick and painless job. Put the filters back, turn on your system and see if that made a difference.

Technical Problems

We’ll list a few causes that are too technical to be a home fix. For these your best bet would be to get in touch with your local quality air conditioning technician and request a callout to fix the problem.

  • Capacitor Problems
    • If air is coming out but not cold it may be the capacitor. If you can’t hear the spinning sound of the fan this could be the issue.
  • Refrigerant Issue
    • Refrigerant is what cools the air your system uses. If your home air conditioners are blowing out room temp air you may have a leak and be low on refrigerant.
  • Bad Wires
    • Sometime a loose wire connection or overloading can burn or melt internal wires causing your system to run poorly.

Problem 3: Winter is coming! I need heat from my system. Where is it?

Check your thermostat and temperature settings

Some home air conditioners remotes can be hard to decipher so make sure your systems thermostat is set to heating. Also check the temperature it has been set to. Simple steps but they can trip up a few people.

Turn the system off and on again

After a long season of cooling your home air conditioner may just need a soft reset. To do this you’ll want to power off your system completely and leave it for upwards of 30 mins. After 30mins turn it back on and try again to see if it worked. This tip tends to work for absolutely anything electronic.

If any of the mentioned problems are still problems then you may have a bigger issue on your hands requiring the assistance of a professional. If this is the case, get in touch with the team at and they’ll be able to help. Hopefully you’ve been able to put this problems to rest with the tips provided and can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing Summer, or Winter.

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