Be Aware About Frankfurt And Tourist Maps If Visiting for The First Time

Lisbon, Portugal skyline at Alfama, the oldest district of the city.

Frankfurt is a well-known international city, where you can find reliable public transport system. You will not face any problem as first-time visitor to this city even if you have very little or no knowledge about German language. Don’t mistake the honesty and straightforwardness of the locals as rudeness. Frankfurters are in fact fun-loving and friendly too. Following few important tips that can really make your first-time trip to Frankfurt very comfortable and easy.

Watch the calendar

While visiting Frankfurt, keep your eye on the events calendar of the city, so that you can learn about various exhibitions that are held. The hotels usually get fully booked during those days and therefore the hotel prices may also shoot up.

No-shop Sundays

If you are leaving all your shopping activities for Sunday then change your plan, as most of the shopping centres remain closed on Sundays.  

Do not wait in restaurants

You need not wait in the restaurants, rather look for a vacant place and take your seat. In case any reserve indication has been displayed on any table then you may avoid sitting there.

Know about the tip

Germans usually tip modestly, and they prefer to just round-up the total bill for any meal by adding couple of euros. So, never leave any change on your table, but include the tip when you make your payment.

Be aware about red-light area

Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel is the area near the main railway station where most of the hippest restaurants and bars are located and is also red-light area of the city. To avoid this area, you must walk around Kaiserstraße and Münchener Straße.

Free-museum days for minors

If you are travelling with young kids then you must know that every month the last Saturdays are free entry to museum for under 18 children.

Take any taxi during late-night

In Frankfurt, during night, no public transport will run and hence if you have to come back to your hotel then you need to hire a taxi. You can easily spot and either call them if their flag is down or stand in the queue.

Watch for bike-lanes

You must know about the street marking for bike lanes so that you will stay away from them while walking. Even if you prefer to travel on cycle then you can get it on hire and for that necessary App is also available.

Go non-alcoholic

You may try any local beer but be little careful about the infamous Apfelwein as it can produce hangover. You should also remember to avoid alcohol altogether if you are taking prescription medications

Want to visit flea market?

If you love to go to any flea market for bargain-hunting then on every alternate Saturday mornings, there is a flea market which is on the riverbank near at Sachsenhausen in between Holbeinsteg and Eisernem Steg. Also, near Osthafen which is along Lindleystraße. You can find anything like books and records, clothes and furniture, paintings and crockery, sold by private/professional vendors.

Grab any MuseumuferTicket

If you want to spend your time by visiting museum then it is a good idea to get a MuseumuferTicket, which will allow you to enter 34 museums of Frankfurt over two days. You can also prefer Frankfurt Card which will give you 50% off on entry ticket to any of the museum and other tourist attractions. Even for public transport too you will get discount.

Change of server

In many restaurants or pubs often, you may arrive at a time when the shift duty of the servers may change. You need not worry and ask your server to prepare the bill and continue with your food. The next server will take care of you.

You may also visit the website to know other details about Frankfurt.

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